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11/24(Thu) Patch Note(11/24 05:58 edited)

Uncharted Waters Origin
2022.11.23 Wednesday 21:20 (UTC + 9)


Venture out into the vast oceans!

Hello Admirals.

This is Uncharted Waters Origin.

We will be undergoing Emergency maintenance on Nov. 24 (Thu) to address the following issues.

※ The maintenance schedule will be announced in a separate notice.

[Notice of Known Issues]

⚓️Balance Changes       

[Combat] Difficulty has been lowered due to NPC Part Placement Rebalancing

[Combat] NPC AI difficulty has been lowered by adding surprise actions in the action pattern

[Duel] Duel damage has been normalized

[Sailing] LV Requirement of the Reykjavík area has been lowered to improve auto sail

⚓️Bug Fixes     

[Placement Settings] Issue where trade goods were replicated when refreshing ship placement info in certain conditions

  - Restrictions will be applied once we are done analyzing the bug abuse logs.

[Cabin] Issue where the effect is not applied if assigning a different mate with the same effect, after assigning more than 2 mates with the same effect and removing them(11/24 05:58 edited)

[Combat] Issue where Defense is incorrectly applied as 1/2 in request duels

[Market] Issue where the Trade Points UI appears to be filled even though it wasn’t

[Black Market] Issue where certain tools requires investing in another port

[Injury] Issue where the Minimum Recovery Time is changed by too little

[Gear] Issue where equipping multiple high quality Gear on the mates of one ship would incorrectly appear as if the Maximum Ship Duel Attack/Defense has been exceeded

  - The actual stats are applied correctly despite what the UI warning says.

[Mate] Issue where the lower left Fleet/Ship number was fixed as Fleet 1 Ship 1 on the mate screen

[World Map] Issue where Port Info > Investments > Nation, Predicted Shares were being displayed incorrectly

[UI] Bureau > Issue where Commerce and Military investment popups are incorrectly being shown as Industry investments

[UI] Issue where dividends are being shown on cities where the player is the mayor on the Investment Progress screen

[UI] Issue where version info is being enlarged according to the game resolution

[UI] Issue where certain text is being displayed incorrectly when playing in English

[Product] Classic Mate Promotion Privilege images have been replaced

Thank you.

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