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About New Server Concept and Application Plan of Server Migration Service

Uncharted Waters Origin
2023.01.09 Monday 19:32 (UTC + 9)


Hello, this is Uncharted Waters Origin.

Today, we would like to share the news about the server migration service currently in preparation. Besides, this dev note will inform admirals of a new server concept and server operation reorganization in advance.

1. Australia server will be switched to Korea's 10th server.

For more stable and effective game service, the Australia server region which has been maintained separately since Early Access will be combined into Korea server region by the update on January 18 Wed.

Play status and login information will be transferred wholly. Admirals who played in Australia server may select the Korea server region and choose the 10th server "Coral Sea" to continue playing Uncharted Waters Origin same as before.

With this integration, we are expecting to shorten the server maintenance time, to provide more stable service in terms of contents QA, etc. as we do not operate Australia/Korea servers separately.

For efficiency, the English FLOOR website will be integrated into the Korean website. For the admirals who have checked the English announcement so far, we apologize for the inconvenience. We will replace and allocate the time spent on writing and reviewing the English announcement for concentrating on the Korea service. CS inquiry sent in English will be responded normally as it is now.

Also, by expanding multilingual support, we will keep coping with continuous localization to help you play the game in your language without any inconvenience.

2. Servers will be divided into conflict/peace concepts, and an 11th server will be added.

In MMORPG, there are various viewpoints on competition between users, and the necessity and preference of the combat. Uncharted Waters Origin is also containing these elements. Especially there could be likes and dislikes regarding competition between nations or PVP, and the options to choose them have not been provided so far.

Hence, for the sake of availability to play the game voluntarily based on one's tendency, we will apply conflict/peace features to the servers.

1) Conflict Server

A. A conflict server classified same as the existing servers, is scheduled to gradually apply the balance which allows investment warfare, PVP, and conflict between nations more strongly than before in the long term. However, to prevent rapid changes, we will gradually adjust this transition for 3 months approximately. Also, we are reviewing measures to maintain different balances at the new and existing conflict servers depending on the circumstances.

B. To defend the situation where the investment warfare takes place solely based on charging rather than playing the game, limitation on investment by red gems depending on the company LV will be applied in the conflict servers. Therefore, a company with a low company LV will be difficult to become a mayor, and the investment by ducats earned from playing the game will be adjusted not be one-sidedly beaten by the investment by charging.

2) Peace Server

A. In a peace server, it is unavailable to use the red gem in bureau investment, but only ducats investment earned by playing the game will be available. Also, PK against another user while sailing will be restricted. (Skirmish available)

B. A peace server is for admirals who utterly enjoy trade and adventure. We are expecting different, fun investment warfare as the result of efforts accumulated from various contents.

C. Other contents and events will be applied same as the existing general servers.

D. Existing servers have data collected regarding investment by red gems, so only a new server will be added as a peace server. But we are also considering some servers with relatively fewer populations to be converted into a peace server if the majority of users are willing to. Including other measures that the prime ministers may change this setting by their authority, we are discussing the measures for the peace server to be more enjoyable.

E. By the maintenance on January 18 Wed, the first peace server, which is the 11th server "Vast Sea" will be added.

3. Server migration service is in preparation, expected on March 2023 tentatively.

We will support server migration to solve the population imbalance between servers. Although many admirals gave us feedback about the server migration function, we apologize for the late share of the news regarding it. For stable population balance and contents to be used up, migration to a densely populated server will be limited, and only migration to servers below the population average is available.

Please refer that migration from a peace server to a conflict server is allowed, but it is not allowed to migrate from a conflict server to a peace server. Therefore, you can choose the more suitable server you desire.

The very first peace server "Vast Sea" does not support migration from the existing servers, so please note that only new accounts have to be created.

Also, server migration is only available for the account linked to FLOOR, and by requesting in the FLOOR website. We will share further information with a new announcement about it such as how to request server migration before the update.

Lastly, the QNA regarding contents reported from feedback but not updated yet is now in preparation, and we make the announcement as soon as we put it into shape. It will focus on our remaining tasks at the moment, and answers from feedback.

Uncharted Waters Origin will try our best to provide more sound service in 2023.

Thank you.

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