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[PC] Actions to Take for GameGuard Errors

Uncharted Waters Origin
2023.12.13 Wednesday 11:30 (UTC + 9)

Enter into the Endless Possibility!

Hello, Admirals. 

If you experience any issues with the GameGuard software while running the game, please contact Support with the files outlined below.

We will do our utmost to provide you with assistance as quickly as possible.

Please include the following 3 files when contacting Support for issues related to GameGuard.



  1. Support:



  1. Screenshots showing the error
  2. GameGuard ERL files
  3. Dump files


How to Collect ERL Files

Follow the steps outlined in this GameGuard FAQ link:

How to Collect Dump Files

1) Right-click on 'This PC' on your desktop, select 'Properties', and then 'Advanced system settings'. Information on your System Properties will appear as shown below.

From here, click the 'Advanced' tab > go to 'Start-up and Recovery' > click the 'Settings' button.

2) From the system failure section in the Start-up and Recovery window, please select the option as seen below.

(You can ignore 'Send an administrative alert' and 'Automatically restart'.)

3) If you continue to experience blue screens in the future, please find the dmp files through the path below.

File Path: C:\windows\minidump\*.dmp

Please resend us the ERL files and minidump files located in that path.

Sending us the minidump and ERL files that were created at the time of the GameGuard error will help us identify the issue you are experiencing more accurately.

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