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Admiral Introduction - João Franco

Uncharted Waters Origin
2022.05.25 Wednesday 09:36


Hello. This is Uncharted Waters Origins.

We would like to introduce "João Franco" and the characters that are closely related to him today.

Are you ready to find out all about João Franco?

* The following information is currently under development and is subject to change.

■ Uncharted Waters Origins Admiral Introduction - João Franco

1. Introduction

 - A scion of a noble family, João is out on an adventure to carry out the will of the Franco family.

Son of Leon Franco, duke of Portugal, João Franco grew up in Lisbon receiving an extensive education.

João always dreamed of exploring the vast sea just like his father and his grandfather did,

but his father always turned him down saying João was not ready.

In 1522, admitting João is ready, Leon gives João a mission to find Atlantis,

also stating that he will be treated as a commoner until he accomplishes the mission.

With a skilled navigation officer, Rocco Alemkel, João finally sets sail to the vast seas.

After recruiting various officers including Enrico Marionne, a priest on a mission to Zipangu,

João gets attacked by Catalina Erantzo.

João manages to get away with Rocco’s help but is constantly chased by Catalina during his mission to find Atlantis.

The situation gets worse as Atlantis seems almost impossible to find despite João’s great efforts.

Will João be able to solve the misunderstanding with Catalina?

And will he be able to prove himself to everyone and his father by finding Atlantis?

With various improvements and additions to the original Uncharted Waters 2 story, João’s story is about to begin.

If you love adventures and need reliable mates to help you on your journey,

don’t hesitate to start your adventure with João Franco!

2. Characters

I. [S Rank] João Franco (Fictional Character)

1) Style

 - Adventure

2) Languages

 - Portuguese LV 4

 - Spanish LV2

3) Chronicle Summary

“I will carry out the will of the Franco family by finding Atlantis”

João is an 18 year old male who is the scion of a noble family in Portugal.

A warm-hearted fellow and a fantastic lute player,

João dreams to become a great explorer just like his father and his grandfather.

With the help of a navigation expert, Rocco Alemkel, João embarks on a quest to find the mysterious city of Atlantis.

The vast seas were dangerous and full of unexpected circumstances compared to Lisboa.

Despite all the hardships, João strives to find Atlantis and overcomes the obstacles that hinder him.

In the name of the Franco family, João will never give up on finding Atlantis.

4) Class and Traits

[Adventure] Royal Explorer

 - João is an admiral who is fit for adventure and has various skills that help with adventure and voyage.

 - João also has excellent supporting abilities and can provide useful buff and debuff skills in battle.

5) Specialized Expertise

 - Aesthetics: Increases efficiency related to discovery.

 - Supply: Increases efficiency related to resource management.

6) Admiral's Orders



Voyage Order


Can temporarily avoid naval battles caused by enemy attacks.

Control Sail

Temporarily increases ship speed

Battle Order


Affects all friendly ships,

increasing their damage and granting guaranteed critical hits.

Reinforce Ram:

Decrease Mobility

Affects 1 friendly ship, increasing the damage of its next ram attack 

and decreasing the mobility of the attacked target.

Golden Cannon:

Fixed Damage

Deals fixed damage to the crew of

1 enemy ship and causes quarreling.

7) Skills (Based on LV 1)



Spread Shot

Deals artillery durability damage around the enemy ship

and causes quarreling by chance.

Precise Shot

Deals artillery durability damage to 1 enemy ship

and causes quarreling by chance.

8) Effects (Based on LV 1)




Wise Explorer

Decreases damage taken when exploring.

Sea Survey

Increases the chances of finding

high-level fish species when fishing.



Attack Damage

Increases Defense by chance when hit.

Amplify Action

Increases Speed by chance when starting a turn.

II. [S Rank] Rocco Alemkel (Fictional Character)

1) Style

 - Battle

2) Languages

 - Portuguese LV 4

 - Spanish LV3

3) Chronicle Summary

“Leave it to Rocco, master João”

A 65 year old male, Rocco is a senior navigation officer in João Franco’s fleet.

He has served the Franco family for 3 generations as a navigation officer and

saved João several times from various dangers using his experienced combat and navigation skills.

Although Rocco might seem old, he is still respected by many sailors and feared by pirates.

4) Class and Traits

[Battle] Quartermaster

 - Rocco is an expert in combat and has superior ramming skills.

 - Your ship's sail speed will increase as you level Rocco.

5) Specialized Expertise

 - Ramming: Increased efficiency related to ramming attacks.

 - Artillery: Increased efficiency related to attacks using cannons.

III. [B Rank] Enrico Marionne (Fictional Character)

1) Style

 - Trade

2) Languages

 - Portuguese LV 2

3) Chronicle Summary

“ I will try my best to spread our message to the world”

A 24 year old male,

Enrico is a passionate priest with strong beliefs despite his soft looks.

Recommended by Priest Peripe, Enrico has joined João’s fleet to go on a missionary to Zipangu.

Although Enrico often gets into conflict with Rocco due to different opinions, he never doubts his own decisions.

4) Class and Traits

[Trade] Accountant

 - Enrico is fit for trading and is very tactical in purchasing and selling goods.

 - As you level Enrico, you can buy an increased amount of industrial trade goods and get a discount in purchasing them.

5) Specialized Expertise

 - Sales strategy: Increased efficiency in selling goods.

 - Purchasing strategy: Increased efficiency in purchasing goods.

❖ Required Conditions to start João Franco’s chronicle

 - You must select João Franco as your starting admiral or recruit him in the admiral management menu to start the chronicle.

  Please be noted that you must fulfill certain conditions to recruit new admirals.

 - You must set João Franco as the captain of the 1st fleet flagship.

 - Please keep in mind that if you switch between different chronicles, you will lose progress

  and royal order of the previous admiral you were playing as.

 (You can always continue by choosing the admiral again in the management menu)

 - Starting point: Mediterranean Sea / Portugal / Lisboa

❖ Obtainable Mates






Required Mates:

The following Mates are required to progress throughout the story.



Rocco Alemkel


Portuguese LV4

Spanish LV3



Enrico Malione


Portuguese LV2



Lopo Pereira


Portuguese LV3

France LV3

Special Mate:

The following Mate is obtainable in the tavern after you finish the story.





Portuguese LV4

Spanish LV4

That's all we have prepared for today’s admiral's introduction.

We have numerous upcoming introductions about other admirals, so please stay tuned!

We will come back with other news!

Thank you.

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