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Admiral Introduction - Otto Baynes

Uncharted Waters Origin
2022.05.25 Wednesday 09:55


Hello. This is Uncharted Waters Origins.

Continuing from last week's Admiral Introduction,

we would like to introduce "Otto Baynes" and the characters that are closely related to him this week.

Are you ready to find out all about Otto Baynes?

* The following information is currently under development and is subject to change.

■ Uncharted Waters Origins Admiral Introduction - Otto Baynes

1. Introduction

 - Otto set sail to conquer the vast seas in the name of England.

In 1522, Otto was appointed by King Henry VIII to become a privateer after making many contributions to England.

Despite being promised to be fully supported by King Henry VIII,

Otto’s jealous rival Gilbert has him poorly equipped for the upcoming voyage.

Although Otto starts his journey with a small fleet and his rowdy officer Matthew Roy,

Otto overcomes hardship and manages to scout the great Spanish fleet.

After seeing the strength of the Spanish fleet, Otto realizes that England desperately needs ships of equal level to fight back.

Will Otto be able to acquire strong ships to encounter the Spanish fleet?

Who will be victorious in the final battle between England and Spain?

With various improvements and additions to the original Uncharted Waters 2 story, Otto’s story is about to begin.

If you like naval battles, start the game with Otto Baynes!

2. Characters

I. [S Rank] Otto Baynes (Fictional Character)

1) Style

 - Battle

2) Languages

 - English LV4

 - Dutch LV2

3) Chronicle Summary

“For the glory of England!”

A 25 year old male, Otto Baynes is a rational and courteous privateer appointed by King Henry VIII.

Otto’s goal is to form a fleet strong enough to oppose the Spanish fleet.

Although Edmund Gilbert restrains Otto from getting enough support,

Otto tries his best to make the English fleet strong enough to fight against

the Spanish fleet by researching ships and cannons.

4) Class and Traits

[Battle] Privateer

 - Otto has various skills related to combat.

 - Otto is a good starting admiral if you plan to focus on combat.

5) Specialized Expertise

 - Artillery: Increased efficiency related to attacks using cannons.

 - Support: Increased efficiency in repairing and medical skills.

6) Admiral's Orders



Battle Order

Strengthen Cannon:

Reduce Mobility(%)

Affects 1 friendly ship, increasing the damage of its next artillery attack

and reduces the target’s mobility.


Increases the ammo and lumber of 1 friendly ship.


Temporarily grants increased damage

and guaranteed critical attacks to all allies.


Increases allies’ morale.


Fixed Damage

Deals fixed durability damage to all enemies.

7) Skills (Based on LV 1)



Penetration Ram

Partially ignores the defense of 1 enemy ship to deal

ram durability damage and causes leaking by chance.

Spread Ram

Deals ram durability damage around the enemy ship

and causes quarreling by chance.

8) Effects (Based on LV 1)




Decrease Move

Distance Ram Attack

Decreases enemy move distance by chance when making a ram attack.

Prevent Movement

Ram Attack

Seals enemy movement by chance when making a ram attack.


Artillery Attack

Makes an additional artillery attack by chance when making an artillery attack.

Increase Ram

Critical Rate

Increases the critical rate of ram attacks.

II. [B Rank] Matthew Roy (Fictional Character)

1) Style

 - Adventure

2) Languages

 - English LV2

 - Portuguese LV1

3) Chronicle Summary

“I don’t take orders from anyone that is weaker than me!”

A 27 year old male, Matthew Roy is very capable but is known to be violent and inconsiderate.

Hired by Edmund Gilbert, Matthew challenges Otto to a duel promising to join his fleet if Otto wins.

After losing to Otto, Matthew decides to follow Otto instead of Gilbert.

Matthew later becomes a valuable part of Otto’s journey, such as stealing one of the newest ships of the Spanish fleet.

4) Class and Traits

[Adventure] Huntsman

 - Matthew is fit for adventure and is capable in aesthetics.

 - As you level Matthew, you have a lower chance of having rats during your voyage.

5) Specialized Expertise

 - Scouting: Available distance to enter a port increases, and has various positive effects regarding ship operations.

 - Aesthetics: Increases efficiency related to discovery.

III. [C Rank] Juan Vázquez (Fictional Character)

1) Style

 - Battle

2) Languages

 - Latin LV1

 - Oceanic Language LV1

3) Chronicle Summary

“I will design the best ship in the world!”

A 45 year old male, Juan constantly fails to be recognized by others despite his great skill as a shipwright.

After wandering through different places to build the world’s best ship, Juan joins Otto’s fleet. Juan later manages to build his masterpiece that can match the Spanish Armada with support from the royal household of England, but his time is yet to come.

4) Class and Traits

[Battle] Technologist

 - Juan is fit for combat and can aid allies in combat.

 - As you level Juan, your ship's defense against cannons increases.

5) Specialized Expertise

 - Support: Increased efficiency in repairing and medical skills.

 - Artillery: Increased efficiency related to attacks using cannons.

❖ Required Conditions to start Otto’s chronicle

 - You must select Otto Baynes as your starting admiral or recruit him in the admiral management menu to start the chronicle.

  Please be noted that you must fulfill certain conditions to recruit new admirals.

 - You must set Otto Baynes as the captain of the 1st fleet flagship.

 - Please keep in mind that if you switch between different chronicles,

  you will lose progress and royal order of the previous admiral you were playing as.

 (You can always continue by choosing the admiral again in the management menu)

 - Starting point: North Sea / England / London

❖ Obtainable Mates






Required Mates:

The following Mates are required to progress throughout the story.



Matthew Roy


English LV2

Portuguese LV1



Esteban Peron


Spanish LV3

French LV3



Juan Vasquez


Latin LV1


Language LV1

Special Mate:

The following Mate is obtainable in the tavern after you finish the story.



Francis Drake


English LV4

South African LV2

That’s all we have prepared for today.

Please stay tuned for other introductions about our various admirals!

Thank you.

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