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Admiral Introduction - Ernst Von Bohr

Uncharted Waters Origin
2022.05.25 Wednesday 10:21


Hello. This is Uncharted Waters Origins.

We would like to introduce "Ernst Von Bohr" and the characters that are closely related to him today.

Are you ready to find out all about Ernst Von Bohr?

* The following information is currently under development and is subject to change.

■ Uncharted Waters Origins Admiral Introduction - Ernst Von Bohr

1. Introduction

 - Ernst Von Bohr is a tidy gentleman out on a journey to make the perfect world map.

In 1522, while making a living as a university professor,

Ernst set out on a journey to create a detailed world map after being convinced by his colleague Gerardus Mercator.

While visiting different locations and finding numerous discoveries,

Ernst finds a young girl named Paula who wishes to find her true home.

Will Ernst be able to complete his world map and successfully find Paula’s true home?

With various improvements and additions to the original Uncharted Waters 2 story, Ernst’s story is about to begin.

If you like exploring and making discoveries, start the game with Ernst Von Bohr!

2. Characters

I. [S Rank] Ernst Von Bohr (Fictional Character)

1) Style

 - Adventure

2) Languages

 - Dutch LV4

 - English LV2

3) Chronicle Summary

“One day, I will complete the perfect world map!”

A 23 year old male, Ernst is a well-known geographer and a professor.

Ernst was making a stable living working as a professor

thanks to the recommendation of his longtime friend and colleague Gerardus Mercator,

but became worried that his knowledge was becoming outdated following the age of discovery.

Then one day, Ernst receives a letter from Mercator requesting him to come to Amsterdam as soon as possible.

Dreaming of creating the ideal world map using conformal projection,

Mercator asks Ernst to complete the perfect world map.

Ernst decides to sail out to the vast seas to create a perfect world map with Hans Starten and Mercator’s support.

4) Class and Traits

[Adventure] Geography Instructor

 - Ernst is knowledgeable in geography, relics, nature and vegetation

 - Ernst does not have combat experience, but has superior supporting skills.

 - Ernst is fit to travel around the world as he is specialized in adventure.

5) Specialized Expertise

 - Natural history: Increases chance to discover animals and vegetation.

 - Aesthetics: Increases efficiency related to discovery.

6) Admiral's Orders



Voyage Order


Can temporarily avoid naval battles caused by enemy attacks.

Control Sail

Temporarily increases ship speed

Battle Order


Grants damage immunity to 1 friendly ship for a certain amount of turns.



Increases damage and decreases defense for all allies for a certain amount of turns.


Removes status effects of all allies.

7) Skills (Based on LV 1)



Sail Damage


Deals ramming durability damage to 1 enemy ship

and damages their sail by chance.



Deals damage to the crew of 1 enemy ship

and causes leaking by chance.

8) Effects (Based on LV 1)






Increases chance to find animals.



Increases chance to find architecture.

Desire for


Increases fame gained when reporting discoveries.


Decrease Artillery

Critical Attack

Decreases enemy artillery critical rate by chance

when attacking with artillery.

II. [B Rank] Hans Starten (Fictional Character)

1) Style

 - Adventure

2) Languages

 - Dutch LV2

 - German LV2

3) Chronicle Summary

“I’ve come to aid you, young master!”

A 49 year old male, Hans has worked as a navigator in the Von Bohr family’s fleet in the past.

When the Von Bohr family became unable to maintain the fleet,

Hans went to work for a different fleet and became an experienced navigator.

After Hans found out that Ernst was going on an adventure and needed navigators,

he decides to help him out just like Ernst’s father helped him a long time ago.

4) Class and Traits

[Adventure] Bosun

 - Hans is fit for sail and discovery.

 - Chance of catching fish increases as you level Hans.

5) Specialized Expertise

 - Scouting: Available distance to enter a port increases, and has various positive effects regarding ship operations.

 - Aesthetics: Increases efficiency related to discovery.

III. [B Rank] Paula (Fictional Character)

1) Style

 - Trade

2) Languages

 - Dutch LV3

 - Chinese LV1

3) Chronicle Summary

“I wish to find my true home… Please let me board your ship!”

A 19 year old female, Paula Eustachio is an oriental peddler in Seville.

Paula became lost in Seville at the age of 4 and was adopted by a mariner.

Without knowing her past, Paula worked as a peddler until her adopted father passed away.

To carry out her father’s last will, Paula decides to discover her origins and reunite with the family she had lost.

However, Paula struggles to find a fleet that would help her find her true home until meeting Ernst’s fleet.

Encountering Ernst becomes a turning point in Paula’s life.

Will Paula manage to find her true home and reunite with her lost parents?

4) Class and Traits

[Trade] Negotiator

 - Paula is a mate who is fit for trading.

 - As you level Paula, you can buy an increased amount of industrial goods and get a discount in purchasing them.

5) Specialized Expertise

 - Sales strategy: Increased efficiency in selling goods.

 - Negotiation strategy: Increased efficiency in price negotiations while trading.

❖ Required Conditions to start Ernst’s chronicle

 - You must select Ernst Von Bohr as your starting admiral or recruit him in the admiral management menu to start the chronicle.

  Please be noted that you must fulfill certain conditions to recruit new admirals.

 - You must set Ernst Von Bohr as the captain of the 1st fleet flagship.

 - Please keep in mind that if you switch between different chronicles,

  you will lose progress and royal order of the previous admiral you were playing as.

  (You can always continue by choosing the admiral again in the management menu)

 - Starting point: North Sea / Netherlands / Amsterdam

❖ Obtainable Mates






Required: Mates:

The following Mates are required to progress throughout the story.



Hans Starten


Dutch LV2

German LV2





Dutch LV3

Chinese LV1



Maurice Laiden


Dutch LV3

Norsk LV3

Recommended Mate:

The following Mate is recommended for hire in the tavern as you progress throughout the story.



Jean Fleury

Naval Gunner

French LV4

Arawak LV3

Special Mate:

The following Mate is obtainable in the tavern after you finish the story.



James Cook

Chief Navigator

English LV4

Oceanic Language LV4

That's all we have prepared for today’s admiral's introduction.

We have numerous upcoming introductions about other admirals, so please stay tuned!

We will come back with other news!

Thank you.

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