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Apology to Admirals

Uncharted Waters Origin
2022.09.23 Friday 01:26



This is Deuk-kyu Lee of Uncharted Waters Origin.

Above all, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by the insufficient prior notice, communication, and explanation about the circumstances after the September 21st update.

Compared to the love and support from many Admirals, we gave confusion to Admirals due to our repeated mistakes and insufficiency, and it damaged the trust and disappointed the expectation of the future.

On behalf of the project, I feel strongly responsible for it, and I sincerely apologize.

We should have made a sincere apology regarding the unexpected changes in gameplay ahead of the explanation of the current situation. And in the case of the notice added afterward, it should have delivered the summary of the situation in more detail, but it was not soundly prepared.

This is the direction of the improvement about the trade playing which made a lot of concern.

Please understand its delay as it went through a more careful discussion of the changes.

⚓ Direction of Trade Improvements

1) There will be a change as follows through the temporary maintenance on 09/23.

- A price fluctuation of major trade goods caused by the volume of the transaction will be restored to the level before the maintenance on 09/21, and it will be improved the variation of the price change by lowering greatly to less inconvenience.

2) There will be a change as follows through the update on 09/28.

- Speed of mate's growth in trade will increase by changing the trade EXP formula.

- Trade routes will be diverse by enhancing the value of unpopular trade goods and adding new trade goods.

3) We are preparing a Major Trend Event which is limited to the low price/unpopular trade goods, which can earn a lot of profit by the increasing capability of low price trade goods.

4) We are preparing the additional function to acquire shipbuilding materials from specialty trade, and also we will improve the situation where the fatigue from combat is high for reserving high grade ships.

5) Including trade quest which is exclusive for low price trade goods and the barter, we are preparing a way for trade expansion and a way to provide an experience more than earning money.

6) To prevent the recurrence of the related problems, we will increase internal QA, and strive not to give any inconvenience in a live environment by reviewing the existing development contents and test cases for exceptional circumstances more precisely.

Along with it, we promise to try our best to make a positive change and improvement for the lacking parts of the service.

Also, for the changes in service, we will prepare it in a more careful and considerable way.

With this instance, Uncharted Waters will strive the advance with more communication.

Once again, we apologize and appreciate every Admiral.

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