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[Added] 06/10(Fri) Maintenance Notice

Uncharted Waters Origin
2022.06.09 Thursday 22:00


Venture out into the vast oceans!

Hello. This is Uncharted Waters Origin.

We will be undergoing maintenance on 06/10(Fri).

Uncharted Waters Origin will be unavailable during maintenance.

Please refer to the following schedule information below to avoid any inconvenience.

[Maintenance Schedule]

- 06/10(Fri) 11:00 ~ 14:00 2022 (UTC+10)

* Maintenance schedule may be changed depending on maintenance progress.

[Maintenance Details]

※ Added the related information due to the missing part in the notice during today's maintenance.

※ We apologize for the missing information, and will try our best to check it more precisely.

1. Overall ship balance has been adjusted.

▶ Figures such as the minimum number of crew members and the maximum number of crew members

   have been adjusted to suit the class of each ship.

2. Entire mate's equipment balance has been adjusted.

▶ The capability of the overall equipment has been upgraded.

■ Fixed Issues

- Issue where the product that has been purchased is not given, and it is not able to

  purchase the product anymore after purchasing Red Gem product in the FLOOR website

  and clicking [X] of the pop-up message in the game regarding the payment

- Issue where the game crashes intermittently during Combat

- Issue where the growth of the Mate's job LV is exceeding the Fleet LV

- Issue where it is not able to proceed with the "Romanticizing the Sea" Quest

- Issue where the game closes intermittently when clicking other Port in the World Map in a Port

- Issue where the game closes intermittently after a certain time passes in the Sleep Mode in a Port

- Issue where the number of Redo is not showing in Combat

- Issue where the language of the banner image in Shop > Recommended Product

 is not matching with the game language

- Issue where the alignment of UI is shown wrongly when purchasing items in the Market

- Issue where the recommended gear of the Item Shop's information is shown wrongly in the Port Map

- Issue where the icon is not showing on the screen of selecting a Fishing Rod

- Issue where the matching is not normal when refreshing the Combat List in the Skirmish

- Issue where the pop-up message of the ranking reward is showing even

 when not satisfying the Bureau's minimum Investment Score

- Issue where the menu in Tavern is not showing when entering Tavern through other ways

 including the notification pop-up after leaving Tavern

- Issue where the size of the description screen in the building in the Port does not fit

- Issue where the Paint Hull of the NPC ship changes when it enters the combat in the sea

- Issue where the game stops intermittently when attempting an attack after moving additionally

- Issue where it is unavailable to put a chat message in the certain circumstances

- Issue where the error occurs intermittently while searching a Port in the World Map

- Issue where the gender of the character is not distinctive when wearing Heavenly Maiden Costume,

 and the issue where the error occurs intermittently when having it

- Issue where the error occurs intermittently while proceeding with the Royal Order of the Netherlands Title

- Issue where the error occurs when clicking Conversation Button successively in Mates Menu

- Issue where the undiscovered port is not marked in the World Map

- Issue where the icon of the "Global Tax Permit" is not showing

 in the Tax Permit list of the Company Overview Menu

- Issue where the appearance of the equipped gear is not showing when entering Melee in Combat

- Issue where the reward of World Ranking in Estate is showing wrongly

- Issue where it is not able to operate and move in a certain area while sailing

- Issue where the error occurs when attempting ''Try Again" after being defeated in the PvP with other Admirals

- Issue where the item in the Market is not showing when checking the Port information in the World Map

- Issue where the ship name is available to enter only within 10 characters, different from the notice

- Issue where the afterimage does not disappear when closing the graph of Trade Goods in the World Map

- Issue where the frame of the area that is able to operate is showing wrongly when trying Redo during Combat

- Issue where the information of the effect LV is not showing in the detail information of the ship during Combat

- Issue where the error occurs intermittently during the conversation in the Mates Menu

- Issue where the price of the Protection in the Shop to upgrade its rank

 is not discounted after purchasing the lower rank of the Protection

- Issue where the ship is able to upgrade beyond its available range intermittently when upgrading the ship

- Issue where it is available to explore the inaccessible area when exploring the border of the inaccessible LV area

- Issue where the error occurs intermittently during the pop-up of the Guild LV Up

- Issue where the actual location of the sea discovery and the location of the Minimap are not matching

- Issue where the job of Alfred Rowe is written wrongly (Jewel Trader -> Medicine Trader)

- Fixating a price of a ship that is purchasable through a Ship Voucher in the Shop's the sale information

■ Improvements

- The maximum number of Guild Members increases depending on the Guild LV.

Guild LV

Max. Guild Members





















- The purchasing condition of the Building Material in the Shipyard is removed.

- The requirements of Investment decrease for the Requests of delivering Gear and Tool.

  ▶ 10,000 Ducat is added as a reward for those Requests.

- LV of the Quest regarding Discovery is adjusted.

  ▶ Quest of Templar Master's Armor: 15 LV (Before) -> 45 LV (After)

- Ramming in Combat is adjusted to hit in the chance of 100%

  regardless of the enemy's Attack Accuracy and Evade stats.

- Captain LV is improved to be shown in the ship information pop-up screen during Combat

- All the NPC Fleets encountered in the sea area are adjusted to

  appear depending on the Admiral's current Fleet LV.

- Acquisition rate of Ship Material and the Mate's Promotion Material

  as the rewards for victory in Combat increase, and the acquisition rate of Mate's Gear decreases.

- The way to purchase the Trade Goods that are not able to purchase

  due to the condition of the Port Development LV is added as follows:

  ▶ It is purchasable when the total individual Investment to Bureau is over a specific amount(200K~16,800K).

  ▶ It is purchasable when having the Mates of the specific job.

  ▶ Ali Vezas is able to trade one Specialty in Constantinople, Thessaloniki,

      Athens, and Trabzon unconditionally as a job boost.

- Language required in Union Request "Crisis of Gibraltar" is changed to Portuguese from English.

- The class Effect of Mate is changed as follows:

  ▶ Food Trader: Food purchase quantity 1% / Food discount 1%

  ▶ Liquor Trader: Luxuries purchase quantity 1% / Luxuries discount 1%

  ▶ Craftwork Merchant: Firearms purchase quantity 1% / Firearms discount 1%

- Madagascar is added to the World Map and the Minimap.

- When using Immediate Revive/Free Resurrection, regardless of the free/paid,

  it is adjusted to recover only the Mate in the Fleet 1 from injury.

- Reward of Rare Request among Union Requests are improved.

  ▶ The reward is increased by 2~3 times in overall.

  ▶ But, the figure of the reward may show differently in the same Request

      depending on the Fleet LV, because the reward LV is applied.

- Chance of Capture Ship during Combat decreases for the higher Fleet LV.

- The maximum number of Redo per Combat is adjusted to 50 times.

- Reward of the Task is adjusted in overall.

  ▶ Ducat reward for every Task increases and EXP is excluded from the reward.

  ▶ Building Materials reward is added to the Daily Task.

  ▶ Ship Blueprints reward is added to the Weekly Task.

  ▶ Blue Gem reward is added to the Monthly Task.


- You will not be able to access the game during maintenance.

- Maintenance schedule is subject to change and may be completed earlier than announced.

- Maintenance details are subject to change due to internal circumstances.

Uncharted Waters Origin strives to provide better service.

Thank you.

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