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Letter From Director of Uncharted Waters Origin Vol. 2

Uncharted Waters Origin
2022.06.17 Friday 19:00



This is Deuk-kyu Lee, the Director of Uncharted Waters Origin.

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone for playing and showing

interest upon the Early Access of Uncharted Waters Origin.

After spending a long time developing the game, it has already been

about three weeks since we set sail in our journey filled with excitement.

There have been those who have voiced concerns and been curious about the update notice,

but we promise to quickly respond to any issues that are raised and continue our journey across the rough seas.

Today, I’m here to share some of the major issues we have encountered

and to provide our insight upon the solution, as well as a part of our future update plans.

1. Changes in Balance and DB After 06/17 Patch

First of all, we apologize to all Admirals who are experiencing issues or errors in the game.

Our main focus during the early access period is to balance the game.

Though it may seem difficult, we are planning to make major changes and fixes until July

to minimize and prevent issues from happening on the official Uncharted Waters Origin service.

We expect more and more players in Uncharted Waters Origin when marketing starts in July.

We would like to ask for your understanding for making such a decision.

Our player base is providing us with a variety of opinions and data as part of early access.

As we are focusing on improving the game, it may appear that we are not applying feedback.

Upon the official launch, we promise to provide a more complete experience of the game.

Through internal reviews and spotting major problems in the game,

we are confident that we will provide a more positive experience to our players.

During service, balance changes can have a great impact on current and future in-game experiences.

We have been deciding on whether or not to apply changes to problems that are occurring internally.

As a result of conservative responses, the problems have accumulated over time.

Rather than implementing temporary solutions, we believe it is best to

fix radical issues first for Uncharted Waters Origin.

Although this may cause short-term inconveniences,

we believe it is a necessary move to ensure that the service is stable during the official launch.

Below is a list of key issues that have been addressed in this week's patch.

1) Changes in Mate Effects

When starting Early Access, the effects that should not have been deployed, as their function had not worked

and were still under development with the issue of managing the version, were included.

We have recognized the cause of the issue in the beginning.

After deep consideration of whether to remove the effects and replace them

with the original effects or to implement them gradually through the patch,

we decided to remove the effects that have to be replaced with the normal effects during this maintenance.

Among them, there are still issues remaining among 15 Exploration effects,

and they will be implemented normally in the update in July without replacing them beforehand.

We ask for your kind understanding, and we promise to provide Admirals with a decent effect.

2) Changes in Balance of Blueprint

We have changed the process of building and upgrading ships, every time the game is released.

The current method of shipbuilding based on Build LV is the one that we have improved to be more enjoyable.

It reduces the forcibleness to build all the ships, but it encourages the growth experience while increasing Ship LV.

The current DB structure is the method that calculates the actual stat of the ship

after combining the balance data of the ship and the balance data of the blueprint.

But we have found belatedly that some ships such as Pinnace and Flyut

were linked to the blueprints mismatching with their grades,

and as a result, they were working with unintentionally over-balanced spec.

For these 13 Ships, we have found no issue in balance.

(Hansa Cog, Light Proa, Golden Barque, Sampan, Dhow, Maengseon, Galley,

Sambuk, Tanjaq, Light Sha-chuan, Karakoa, Joseon Charging Ship, Mayflower)

For these 26 Ships, they were adjusted upward after changes.

(Tallette, Barque, Budgerow, Cog Redonda, Cog Latina, Golden Hansa Cog,

Golden Tallette, Light Galley, Kohaya, Sloop, La Pinta, Proa, Cutter, Golden Sampan,

Juga, Schooner, Carrack, Xebec, Buss, Galleon, Fu Ship,

Jounseon, Victoria, Sha-chuan, Sekifune, De Sperwer)

For these 5 Ships, the player experience might differ from their purpose.

(Brigantine, Caravel Latina, Caravel Redonda, Felucca, Ottoman Galley)

For these 6 Ships, they were adjusted downward after changes.

The stats of Pinnace and Fluyt decreased the most.

(Pinnace, Fluyt, Nao, Heavy Galley, Heavy Caravel, Frigate)

We know that this unwarranted immigration could cause a lot of inconvenience to our Admirals

who have grown the ships deliberately and mainly utilized them as they had higher efficiency compared to their grade.

So we had deep consideration of how much adjustment we have to take place,

and we decided to normalize the stat to the original and avoid additional correction.

When normalizing the data, we know that the players who have been already operating the ships

will experience a negative experience due to the downward adjustment,

there was a limitation after we had applied the restrictive correction in the last patch.

Also, we had considered for a long time the way to admit the current status in the long term

and take the ship balance to the over-balanced, but we decided to take an action to prevent Admirals from experiencing inconvenience,

in that the reason for Early Access is to minimize the problem that can last to the official launch.

We had proceeded with the verification in advance regarding the maintenance scenario and apply the data and take measures.

We apologize that we could not deploy and adjust the data

after the development in the normal status beforehand.

We promise our best to ensure that the same situation does not recur.

To help Admirals understand the exact corrections caused by this change,

the maximum increase and decrease deviations are summarized in the table below.

We hope Admirals find it helpful.

(You are able to view the image in a larger size by downloading the image or opening the image in a new tab.)

Once again, all of the relevant values of the imbalanced ships will be restored to their original values.

But when these changes are applied, certain Admirals may get trapped out at sea

or at a certain port due to not meeting certain stat requirements.

Therefore, the measures will be as following:

- While Sailing: If you do not meet the requirements

 to sail in a specific sea area, you will automatically be moved to Lisbon.

- When in Port: If you do not meet the requirements

 to be in a specific port, you will automatically be moved to Lisbon.

We know that Admirals may experience a lot of inconveniences

and feel bad due to the forced downward adjustment and unwarranted immigration,

but we would appreciate your kind understanding as it is an inevitable measure.

3) Reset of Every Modified Cabin

We have found the incorrect information being displayed in the

Cabin Upgrade UI after receiving numerous inquiries.

Due to adjusting the DB, and deciding on the most equitable compensation for every player,

we took a long time to determine how to handle this issue.

After countless adjustments, we are prepared to deal with the problem,

but we have to shut down the server and undergo

a long-term maintenance order to properly resolve this issue.

We decided to reset all the cabins rather than discontinue service for a long period of time

and to provide players with enough compensation to ensure the proper setting of their cabins.

4) About Changes Made in Winning Condition of Combat

As we originally designed combat, there were missions

like defeating only the enemy flagship or eliminating the entire enemy fleet.

In the CBT period, however, we recognized the combat system was quite harsh for admirals at low levels,

so we made it available so that admirals can easily win combat by taking down the enemy flagship.

Our team has been working on making combat objectives diverse,

allowing players to receive rewards based on the number of enemy ships defeated.

However, on our current version of Uncharted Waters Origin,

players are currently receiving maximum rewards regardless of number of ships defeated.

As it may take too long to fix the issue stated above,

we have been considering choosing from one of the following solutions below.

- Neglect the issue until a proper solution is available.

- Temporarily decrease combat reward condition to defeating enemy flagship

- Change the win condition of combat back to defeating the entire enemy fleet and keep

 the combat reward system. After fixing the issue, more winning conditions will be added.

Since there are players who are using the combat system for the sole purpose of capturing various ships,

we decided that decreasing the amount of reward will negatively impact players.

In this patch, certain amounts of rewards will be guaranteed after combat.

We are aware that admirals with low attack power or not comfortable

with the combat system might have difficulties with this combat patch.

Please note that we are working towards fixing this issue in a way

that can satisfy as many admirals as possible.

2. Compensation for Changes and Maintenance

We apologize for the inconvenience caused due to all of the continuous changes that

are being applied to the game throughout the Early Access phase.

To express our appreciation to all of the Admirals

who have joined us in our journey before the official launch,

we have prepared a reward that will be sent out with this week’s regular maintenance.

● Blue Gem: 3,000

● Ship: Galleon x 1

We hope this small gift to express our apology and gratitude to many Admirals

that been with us before the official launch.

Once again, we sincerely apologize for the issues.

Please look forward to Uncharted Waters Origin with your love and support.

We believe that Uncharted Waters Origin will keep on improving with the caring feedback

from all of the Admirals who have participated in Early Access.

3. Future Update Plans

Although our current priority is upon fixing all of the bugs and improving the state of the game,

here are some of the features we are planning on updating in the future.

1) Contents of Upcoming Patch in Next Week

Including balance tests, we are currently undergoing various functional tests.

Please refer to the following below for detailed information.

- [Combat] Improvement of defending against ramming due to increase in artillery range

- [Sailing] Fixed issues related to crashing or getting stuck on land while sailing

- [Sailing] Improved buoyancy movement of the ship

- [Adventure] Fixed issues related to chances of making a discovery while searching on land

- [Requests] Addition of various employee requests (Translation Ongoing)

- [Patch] Fixed issues related to patch failure and exceptional circumstances

- [ETC] Fixed issues related to memory leak

- [ETC] Change of patch screen

- Various bug fixes and improvements in translation quality

2) Contents of Upcoming Patch in Near Future

We are undergoing development for improvement to resolve the inconvenience.

We are trying our best to make all of the Admirals be able to play the game more pleasantly.

Please refer to the following below for the main details.

- [Guild] Addition of Crafting(Part & Gear) Function and Guild Attendance Reward

- [Storage] Fixed the issue where the performance degrades

 when the Tools in Storage increase

- [Tow] Added a function to abandon the captured ship without any cost

- [Shipyard] Changed to acquire the part of the ship

 that is required for the expansion of the sailing area, also by the individual Investment conditions

- [Shipyard] Separated Build LV to Western Build LV and Eastern Build LV

- [Chronicle] Fixated the stat of the ships that can be received as a reward to the top 85%

- [World Map] Added explanatory notes of the requiring stats

- [Exploration] Decreased the cost of the Exploration Bedroll (Currently Reviewing)

- [Exploration] Fixed the issue in the application of the special effect

- [Fishing] Fixed the issue where the Chest is showing even when the player did not catch the Chest,

 and changed to convert to the navigating status while fishing in the anchored status

3) List of Main Updates in Preparation

Updates aside from the patch are now under development,

aiming the expansion for the current Guild feature, and QoL improvement, play diversification.

- [World Map] Improve QoL and Performance

- [World Map] Addition of manual naval charting based on waypoints

- [Sailing] Improve Disaster Forecasts

- [Sailing] Addition of Various Mini Games

- [Missions] Addition of New Missions

- [Cabins] Improve the algorithm for Auto Assigning Mates

- [Villages] Exploration Renewal

- [Fishing] Fishing Renewal and Addition of Auto Fishing

- [Elite Enemies] Addition of various Elite Enemies around the world

- [Formations] Addition of New Combat Fleet Formations

- [Commands] Apply Commands for Sailing

- [Collection] System to upgrade many features in the game will be added.

- [Research] System to unlock many functions in the game will be added.

 ex) Adding Speed x3~4 of Combat/Exploration, Unlocking New Function

- [Reputation] Addition of a Guide

- [Requests] Addition of Interactive Port NPC Events and City Explorations

- [Requests] Addition of Rare Requests, Upper Royal Order, Spontaneous Request, Season Event

- [Mates] Improve QoL for Conversations

- [Social] New Animations/Emojis

- [UX] Improvement of processing Storage, etc. that are out of space

- [UX] UI Improvements Encyclopedia, Encountering Combat, Mailbox, etc.

- [UX] Addition of Mouse Cursor Interaction and Additional Keyboard Hotkeys

- [UX] Apply the Main Title Screen of Official Launch Version

- Optimization of Memory Usage (Long-term Goal)

We are working on various contents and systems that have not been mentioned.

After the second half of the official service, we plan to update Combat, Adventure, and Trade.

As soon as the contents are prepared, we will inform you about the update.

Additionally, we would like to inform you that we always make sure every player is notified

before making any changes to the game or going under maintenance.

The game will never be patched or changed unofficially without notice beforehand.

Sometimes we may lack explanations or make mistakes, but in the structure of the developing environment,

we cannot patch the game or make changes without notifying the players.

We will make sure to provide everyone with enough information

regarding upcoming changes and development direction.

With hopes of enjoying the great journeys across the vast blue seas,

We will continue to strive to deliver the very best.

Thank you.

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