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[Extended] 06/24(Fri) Maintenance Notice (06/24 15:00 edited)

Uncharted Waters Origin
2022.06.22 Wednesday 21:22


Venture out into the vast oceans!

Hello. This is Uncharted Waters Origin.

We will be undergoing maintenance on 06/24(Fri).

Uncharted Waters Origin will be unavailable during maintenance.

Please refer to the following schedule information below to avoid any inconvenience.

[Maintenance Schedule] (Extended)

 - 06/24(Fri) 11:00 ~ 15:00 15:30 2022 (UTC+10)

* Maintenance schedule may change depending on maintenance progress.

[Maintenance Details]

■ Fixed Issues

[Crashing Issues]

- [Combat] Issue where the intermittent error occurs when surrendering right away as combat starts

- [Combat] Issue where the error occurs when using "Medicine: All Area"

- [Navigation] Issue where the error occurs when there is a change of device environment while in combat

- [Shipyard] Issue where the error occurs when claiming a built ship without entering a ship name

- [Item Shop] Issue where the error occurs when selecting a certain tool in Black Market

- [Adventure] Issue where the error occurs when exploring a certain location (06/23 23:00 added)

[Bug Fixes]

- [Skirmish] Issue where an abnormal screen appears when exiting from result screen after finishing Skirmish

- [Royal Order] Issue with completing "Traitor's Cradle", third stage of Netherland's Royal Order

- [Royal Order] Issue with proceeding through "Find the port with the Spanish Trade Fleet docked", fifth stage of Spain's Royal Order

- [Battle] Defeat screen will now appear immediately after losing from the expiration of passing turns

- [Battle] Issue where players receive one captured ship only after capturing two ships or more

- [Battle] Issue where the battle is not being properly completed when enemy flees while winning condition of annihilating entire enemy fleet is active

- [Navigation] Issue where ocean and sky screen disappearing while checking Fleet Details

- [Navigation] Issue where the weather is not changing while sailing

- [Navigation] Issue where ship consistently colliding into certain terrains while sailing

- [Explore] Issue where "Book of the Dead" request is not being able to be completed even when conditions are met

- [Explore] Issue where name of certain regions are being awkwardly displayed

- [Estate] Issue where reward Ducat of discovery report is being shown in decimal points

- [Shipyard] Issue where the player acquires 100% of EXP from the additional shipbuilding after reaching the maximum Build LV instead of 10% of EXP (06/24 14:30 edited)

- [Cabin] Issue where cabin compatibility is not being shown properly

- [Cabin] Issue where contents of Help function in cabin is not being shown properly

- [Chronicle] Issue related to Ernst Von Bohr's Chronicle

   ▶ Issue where the chance of an intermittent error occurring after discovering Loch Ness

   ▶ Issue where Land Exploration tutorial were not properly connected

   ▶ Tutorial about using Land function has been added while doing "Investigate pirate base" quest

- [Chronicle] Issue where players were unable to progress to next quest after entering Bureau in Timbuktu while doing Ernst Von Bohr's chronicle related to El Dorado of Africa

- [Request] Issue where players were moving to a different location while doing Trabzone employee's "Faded Love" quest

- [Request] Issue where background was not appearing in certain guide missions

- [Mission] Pop-up of expanding storage will now appear when receiving certain rewards while storage is full

- [Company Overview] Issue where findings score appearing improperly in Company Overview > Sponsor

- [Manage Ship] Issue where ships claimed that were not built are being shown as LV 0

- [UI] Issue where exploration selection button is being shown abnormally

- [Storage] Issue where there is a delay in game when there is an increase in the number of tools in storage

- [Storage] Players are now able to check their current carriage in Storage > Cargo Hold

- [Mate] Issue where class effect in Admiral > Effect is not being shown properly

- [Injury] Issue where injury time is not being shown properly

- [Ship] Issue where the type of the ordinary ship and the NPC ship is not matching

   ▶ Golden Barque: Support → Artillery

   ▶ Golden Tallette: Support → Ram

- [Disaster] Issue where the Reef Naval Disaster occurs too much in the certain terrain

- [Parts] Issue where rank, appearance, and name of Ram are mismatched (06/23 13:15 added)

- [Combat] Issue where the Cancel Combat pop-up is not created after there was an error when finishing the Combat (06/23 23:00 added)

- [Navigation] Fixed to reflect the Admiral's response when NPC attempts to Parley (06/23 23:00 added)

- [Adventure] Issue where the exploration is able to progress in the status of no crew (06/23 23:00 added)

- [Request] Issue where it is not able to encounter Pirates in the Request of Alexandria Employee LV 2 (06/23 23:00 added)

- [Request] Issue where the Auto Move destination of "Flower that Blooms at Night" is mismatching (06/23 23:00 added)

[Balance Adjustment]

- [Navigation] Required Momentum and Rowing of sailing terrain have been adjusted.

  (Please refer to the chart below for detailed information.)


Fleet LV











Fleet LV
















- [Part] Stats of the parts including Ram, Anchor are adjusted upward or added.

  (Please refer to the chart below for detailed information.)

(06/23 13:15 edited)

- [Combat] Range of some normal Artillery decreases, and the range of attack tile increases. 

- [Combat] Additional damage per move distance tile when attacking by Ramming is adjusted downward from 5% to 1%.

- [Combat] Ship Material Acquisition Rate through Combat is adjusted upward.

- [Navigation] Amount and the rate of NPC to be spawned during the navigation are improved.

- [Navigation] Enemy assault chance is adjusted downward, as the NPC of trade and exploration is changed not to attack first.

- [Adventure] Price of Bedroll in Item Shop is lowered.

  ▶ Old Exploration Bedroll: 20,000 → 14,000 Ducats

  ▶ Standard Exploration Bedroll: 40,000 → 29,000 Ducats

  ▶ Superior Exploration Bedroll: 110,000 → 76,000 Ducats

- [Shipyard] Some parts in Shipyard are adjusted to be purchasable also with individual Investment. (edited)

- [Shipyard] D Grade Improved Cedar Board that reinforces Seaworthiness is added.

- [Shipyard] Price of Spruce Wooden Mast is adjusted downward from 6,800 → 1,200 Ducats.

- [Cabin] Balance of Expertise is modified.

  (Please refer to the chart below for detailed information.)

- [Loyalty] Cycle of decreasing Loyalty is adjusted, and the condition to recover is adjusted upward.

  ▶ Total accumulated sailing days of decreasing Loyalty are adjusted from 10 days to 30 days.

  ▶ Cycle of Mate Conversation is reduced from 24 hours to 6 hours.

  ▶ Amount of Loyalty to recover through Mate Conversation is adjusted upward from 1~3 to 3~5.

- [Effect] Some of Trade Effects are adjusted. (added)

  ▶ Trade Boost: 1~20% → Drastically increased to 5~100%

  ▶ Discount, Surcharge: 1~12%→ Slightly decreased to 1~10%

- [Nation] Variance figure of Nation Amity is highly increased.

- [Nation] Requiring figures of Fame for Defection is adjusted downward from 50% before to 30%.

- [Employee] Increment of Friendship by the Gift and Brag decreases.

- [Guild] Cost for creating Guild is changed from 30,000,000 Ducats to 5,000,000 Ducats.

- [Reward] Ship reward from Chronicles/Request is changed to be given with the fixated stats.

- [Chronicles] Defense of Gibraltar Pirates and Algier Collection Fleet that can be encountered in Catalina Erantzo's Chronicle is adjusted downward.

- [Task] Difficulty of Task and Achievement is adjusted downward.

  (Please refer to the chart below for detailed information.)




Number of Daily Exploration



Number of Weekly Exploration



Fishing Count in Weekly Task

(LV 1~20)



Fishing Count in Weekly Task

(LV 21~30)



Fishing Count in Weekly Task

(LV 31~60)



Number of Weekly Combat Wins



Monthly Energy Consumption



Number of Exploration



- [Task] Ship Material from Daily Task Reward is adjusted upward.

- [Request] Requiring level of Trade Goods in Trade Proof Request is adjusted downward.

- [Adventure] When exploring, the chance of being injured and the number of crew to be injured is adjusted downward. (06/23 23:00 added)

  ▶ Decreased the crew's chance of being injured from 5% → 1%

  ▶ Decreased the average number of crew to be injured by 1

■ Content Changes

- [Shop] Issue where 5~ 12 grade blueprint were being shown as "B Grade Common Blueprint" in Exchange tab

- [Combat] Issue where Notification was showing different stats when surpassing maximum stats

- [Combat] Players are now able to view Additional Stats separately from Base Stats.

- [Challenge] Addition of LV 20 ~ 30 Challenge missions

- [Navigation] Correct icons of reward will now be displayed when receiving gifts

- [Navigation] Correction of Naval Disaster effects

- [Adventure] Land exploration success chance and frequency will be displayed more clearly

- [Tavern] Increased appearance chance of certain mates in Tavern

  ▶ Alonso de Ojeda, Walter Raleigh, Antonio de Berrio, Francisco de Orellana, Gonzalo de Quesada, Gonzalo Pizarro, Alonso de Mendoza, Hernando de Soto, Jan Pieterszoon Coen, Pieter Gerardus, Cabeza de Vaca, Jan Janszn Weltevree, Tanneke Sconyncx, Sidonia von Borcke (06/23 17:10 added)

- [Request] Employee, Helene and Yeruma requests have been unlocked.

- [Request]  Arresting wanted criminal, request available from drift bottle object while sailing, has been added.

- [Request] Chance of getting Emergency Request and rewards have been increased.

  ▶ From LV1, Drift Bottles appear chance has been increased.

  ▶ Chance of receiving Opened Letter has been decreased.

- [Product] Added explanation related Free Combat Redo in Grace of Michael effect

- [UI] Size of admiral's conversation screen in portrait has been adjusted.

- [Skirmish] Improved to enter Skirmish from Fleet LV 40 → LV 25 (06/23 23:00 added)

- [Investment] Investment Event will be applied. (2022/06/24~ Before 2022/06/30 Maintenance) (06/24 15:00 edited)

  ▶ Upward adjustment in the Development LV increment by 6.25 times when investing

  ▶ Downward adjustment in the attritional decrement of Investment by 40%


- You will not be able to access the game during maintenance.

- Maintenance schedule is subject to change and may be completed earlier than announced.

- Maintenance details are subject to change due to internal circumstances.

Uncharted Waters Origin strives to provide better service.

Thank you.

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