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August Dev Note from Uncharted Waters Origin

Uncharted Waters Origin
2022.08.02 Tuesday 16:05


Venture out into the vast oceans!

Hello. This is Uncharted Waters Origin.

Before this week’s update, we would like to share with you the current development status and the contents we are preparing.

1. This Week’s Update & August Plan

We are currently preparing up to three updates in August. The first update was announced on August 3rd with the last development note, but it will be rescheduled to August 5th for development and QA certification. As the store build review is required, we will notify you of the update check time as soon as it is certified. In addition, some changes and additions have occurred in the information, so we will notify it before the update.

After the balance adjustment in June, we have fully considered the early access admiral's play experience. Therefore we revised both ways to reduce change and apply dramatic changes to improve fundamental problems. However, we have concluded that little changes are limited and will lead to problems with long-term updates and service continuity being prepared. Although there will be significant changes in the current playing experience the Version 1.010 update which is being prepared on August 5th, aims to correct fundamental problems. Since the overall change in the play experience is quite shocking, we have had a heated discussion over the past six weeks about the application and method of this adjustment, but please understand that it was a decision to perform a better game.

2. Update Balance Adjustment

Details of the changes will be announced in a separate notice, and the intention of planning will be announced through the development note,

1) Early Phase Growth Balance Adjustment

Uncharted Waters Origin is a game that requires a very rapid learning curve because information affects play a lot. In particular, between users who understand the game and those who do not, regardless of whether they have paid, the number of goods acquired at the same time may vary by more than 100 times, and the growth rate may vary by more than 5 times.

In order to play Uncharted Waters Origin, it is important for users to understand the game before level-up, and secondly, a spec-up equivalent to level-up is required. Until now, CBT and FGT have caused users to grow rapidly without the understanding of construction, ship, navigator, parts, and equipment specifications, therefore some users become trapped in early phase areas due to the gap between levels and specifications after a certain level. We have steadily gone through the process of improvement, but I think there are still many shortcomings.

This part is hard to solve with a simple guide, but if we provide automatic gameplay with all the answers, the users will be dropped out of the game because they will not be able to maintain the automatic interval. So we are working on modifications such as slowing down growth speed and inducing users to reach the spec level as much as possible even though there are some dissatisfactions from some users.

As a result, it gives the impression that there are many unnecessary guides to those who are proficient at games, and that the early phase progress is frustrating, growth is slow, and play density is low to those who are familiar with fast game progress. Nevertheless, we encourage many people to adapt by encouraging them to find a spec-up direction that suits their play style, not just a level-up.

Even so, we thought it was necessary to resolve the inconvenience section, therefore adjusted.

Unlike the early days of early access, some of the early growth rates are unlike the early access version. Also, we modified the play density by adding new content and adjusting the hurdle section.

In particular, for structures that are not in other games, such as expertise, we modified the existing balance that grew slowly in the beginning and accelerated afterward to grow faster in the beginning. With this modification, we expect that you will be able to recognize the growth more clearly up to the company LV 30, including the company LV 15-25 section, which lacked a lot of growth satisfaction.

In addition, referring to the trend of difficulty in obtaining ship materials from 5-grade ships, it was improved so that materials could be obtained and built easier than before. Also, growth difficulty for company Lv 40 will be improved continuously through the next update.

2) Trade Balance Adjustment

The trade balance has also been modified overall, these are the following changes.

Current Update

- Adjusted conditions such as overall reallocation of trade goods and development, etc

- Reviewed price fluctuation according to trade goods price sections

- Adjusted information visibility by modifying UI

- Adjusted utilization of expertise, technology, and effect

- Added new trade goods

- Preliminary work on additional system updates

Next Update

- Adjusted the value of low-cost trade goods and improved utilization (additional events such as Major Trend)

Trade updates will be divided into two updates for stable distribution. In particular, the Major Trend event in the next update will avoid the uniformity of trade patterns and enable low-cost trade products more available.

In addition to these changes, additional system and balance updates are scheduled to improve trade by the end of this year or the first half of next year. Also, more diverse and strategic trade will be coming soon by sequential adjustment, so please look forward to it.

3) Sailing Balance Adjustment

We adjusted the overall sailing balance for long-distance sailing.

- Removed a penalty for long-distance sailing, increased the speed of offline sailing

- Increased speed by additional sailing bonus when sailing in a real game environment

- Decreased the chance of disaster in short-distance sailing, modified the frequency and type of disaster

- Improved source of acquiring disaster relief tools

In the current navigation structure that circulates the whole globe, there is a problem that calculation requires too much time when the distance is further away. It is better in PC version, but on mobile, it takes some seconds for the longest distance when calculating long-distance navigation, and there is a lot of cases where the route is not optimal because the route quality of auto sailing has limitation due to the size of the client and memory limit.

We are reviewing the improvements by the whole new navigation solution in the long-term to solve the problem caused by the extensive map, but it will be a large-scale development that we are expecting at least a year.

Therefore, in the upcoming update in autumn, there will be a function to save the personalized route and sail, while this time we improved the advantage of manual sailing before the update.

Especially, because it applies the real data of the earth's environment every 45 seconds, a player can benefit in sailing speed when organizing the route based on sea current and wind direction, not one based on terrain. Along with the additional sailing speed bonus gained by the route, a player can experience close to real long-distance sailing.

Also, we applied the first improvement works this time regarding offline long-distance sailing which is underused due to a lot of factors affecting as a penalty, and the tiredness of continuous managing in the long-distance sailing. We will keep improving it until the end of the year.

Separately, we found that the sailing speed bonus by the environmental factor has to be adjusted while we are reviewing the overall balance and now we are considering partial downward and upward adjustments.

The first changes will be applied in this update, and the others will be improved based on the feedback.

Lastly, we improved the fun of sailing and exploration by improving the accessibility to the Caribbean and Western Africa in the early phase so that players broaden their own's area easily in the lower LV.

4) Adventure Balance Adjustment

There will be a lot of changes in adventure balance through this update, but the special effect balance that we set as the goal in the first place will be provided through the update after the official launch.

By the end of the year, there will be system restructures and balance adjustments related to adventure, such as improvements in city and fishing, the addition of salvage, and mini-game.

As we finish these improvements, we will keep developing to implement land combat which is our major goal for the update in the next year.

We will share the news about land combat and other systems as soon as we wrap them up.

5) Changes in Skill and Effect

There are some better changes, while the others might be rather confusing.

The changes in skill and effect will bring difference and make inconvenience at the same time.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by the incomplete balancing.

The basic modification of the following balance adjustment is completed last June, but we have reviewed it internally in the last 6 weeks to prevent confusion and possible problems as much as we can.

We cannot say it is completely proven, but our priority was the verification for the combat, and we also adjusted the balance of PVP and PVE, trying to maintain the winning rate and the difficulty when facing the company with a similar level separate from the changes.

As the skill or effect such as Defense Ignoring which is overpowering will be adjusted downward to the optimum level, some players who had a high dependency on certain skills might be inconvenient in the early phase after the update. But we ask for your understanding that we improved to utilize more diverse skills and effects.

The major directions of changes in skill and effect are following, and we will inform you of the details through additional notice.

- Reconsidering the value of the character's job, skill and effect

- Reconsidering the performance of skill and effect

- PVP and PVE Balance

With these three directions, we improved to lessen the problems when servicing the game in the long term.

First, we changed the jobs of some characters that mismatched their historical background too much, and accordingly, the overall skills and effects are reassigned.

Skill and effect are also reassigned when they are inconsistent with the property of the job or the character's biography even though the job is maintained.

Lastly, by reconsidering the value of each skill and effect, we adjusted the balance of the overpowering skills that incapacitate other skills and effects to the optimum level, and improved the skills that are undervalued and less used to be meaningful. In conclusion, the effects that had brought drastic changes are relocated their balance by 90% when comparing them with before and the overall performance is readjusted.

As the ally and the enemy use the same skill and effect in Uncharted Waters Origin, the adjustment of skills will highly affect playing experiences changes more than just upward or downward adjustments. We have been focusing on the improvements not to drastically increase the difficulty and not to make the play harder.

Consequently, it can be shown as a downward adjustment numerically, but there are phases where the play experience is rather improved in the lower LV, and we intended improvements to be more effective when using Mate and Admiral with higher value.

We know there might be a lot of complaints until it stabilizes, as there are a lot of changes unlike before. Now we are going through with the final balance adjustment, and we promise to improve it to a reasonable level through continuous stabilization.

We appreciate all the love and support, and Uncharted Waters Origin will keep striving for the best.

Have a good day!

Thank you.

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