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[Extended] 08/05(Fri) Maintenance Notice (08/05 18:19 edited)

Uncharted Waters Origin
2022.08.04 Thursday 23:17


Venture out into the vast oceans!

Hello. This is Uncharted Waters Origin.

We will be undergoing maintenance on 08/05(Fri).

Uncharted Waters Origin will be unavailable during maintenance.

Please refer to the following schedule information below to avoid any inconvenience.

[Maintenance Schedule] (Extended)

 - 08/05(Fri) 11:00 ~ 16:30  17:30 18:30 19:00 (UTC+10) (08/05 18:19 edited)

* Maintenance schedule may change depending on maintenance progress.

[Maintenance Details]

■ Bug Fixes

- [Patch] Issue where game settings are initialized after optimizing patch download and Floor patch.

- [Combat] Issue where normal attack is aroused twice during range attack.

- [Combat] Adjusted AI 's movement target rule.

- [Combat] AI bug

 ▶ Issue where AI calculations were slow due to artillery calculation were proceeded twice

 ▶ Issue where ally and enemy were often fled

 ▶ Issue where ally and enemy's action are based on ally flagship instead of enemy flagship in certain movement.

 ▶ Issue where enemy's action took priority over enemy flagship than ally flagship in certain movement.

 ▶ AI were improved to behave differently depending on the captain's personality and ally/enemy's condition.

 ▶ AI movement pattern will be changed after certain turn.

- [Combat] Dueling screen will be automatically transferred after auto accept dueling.

- [Combat] Issue where combat effect information > LV mark doesn’t appear.

- [Combat] Issue where error occurs intermittently when enter combat.

- [Combat] Issue where error occurs when use conditional effect.

- [Combat] Issue where FX doesn’t dissapear when evade ram.

- [Combat] Issue where medicine recovery animation doesn't appear when critical recovery.

- [Combat] Issue where plot exceed speech bubble when ship which Safiye Sultan is captain was attacked.

- [Combat] Issue where ram attack is unavailable when mates possess ram skill

- [Combat] Issue where repair and recover maximized value were applied as 10 times.

- [Combat] Issue where ship effect 'Increase' icon appears abnormally.

- [Combat] Issue where text 'Defeat' appears when negoatiating.

- [Combat] Issue where text 'Free' are not displayed in free redo button when redo function is unavailable.

- [Combat] Ship's crew value are unavailable to exceed from recover in combat before entering.

- [Combat] AI will not buff repeatedly by checking ally's status

- [Combat] AI will not debuff repeatedly by checking enemy's status

- [Combat Result] Issue where error occurs after Mobile Home button > Return Game > Reconnection.

- [Combat Result] Issue where flagship mark appears to every ship.

- [Skirmish] Fixed an issue where the number of times of rapid use is not applied during the war

- [Admiral] Fixed an issue where network pop-up is displayed and the app restarts during the challenge tutorial.

- [Admiral] Issue where plots are displayed wrongly when admirals are promoted.

- [Adventure] Fixed an issue where land exploration was intermittently unavailable in certain areas

- [Adventure] Issue where certain effects are not applied.

- [Adventure] Issue where certain land exploration place name is displayed awkward.

- [Adventure] Issue where land exploration result UI occurs abnormal.

- [Adventure] Issue where mate’s gauge id being displayed even if mate is not injured during land exploration.

- [Adventure] Issue where ship navigation is available when pressing ESC, backspace button during land exploration.

- [Adventure] Issue where the error occurs while exploring sea exploration > Skaftafell Cave

- [Badge] Issue where cabin assign icon appears badge when company has a space.

- [Badge] Issue where manage hold appears badge when number of maximum crews are exceeded in ship.

- [Bank] Issue where account enlish text are being overlapped.

- [Biography] Issue where Philibert Commerçon, Christina Alexandra’s information are displayed wrongly.

- [Build] Issue where certain stat marks are omissed when complete build.

- [Bureau] Issue where error occurs after log in to different device after enter bureau.

- [Bureau] Issue where error occurs when invest before investment calculation.

- [Cabin] Issue where cabin effect are applied eventhough blueprint lv are not met.

- [Cabin] Issue where error occurs when auto assign under certain conditions.

- [Cabin] Issue where expertise ratio is displayed incorrect.

- [Cabin] Issue where stats appear decreased when assign advantaged mates in cabin

- [Cabin] Issue where weapon storage image are appeared wrongly.

- [Cabin] Supply manual will be applied to company expertise.

- [Chat] Issue where occurs information’s flag are displayed wrongly.

- [Chat] Issue where error occurs when select ship information.

- [Chat] Issue where user’s company information are displayed when click empty space.

- [Chronicle] Condition management pop up will appear when clicking injured/slacking mates.

- [Chronicle] Issue where unavailable to proceed ship change tutorial when dismantle ship before Catalina Erantzo’s 22nd chronicle.

- [Country] Issue where error occurs intermittently when network condition is bad.

- [Disaster] Adjusted Disaster defense / Relieve chance by Ship > Company.

- [Disaster] Issue where Coral reef relieve chance, Quarreling relieve chance, Hurricane relieve chance error.

- [Effect] Issue where error occurs intermittently when acquired.

- [Equipment] Issue where equipment stats are wrongly marked in certain UI.

- [Fortune Teller] Issue where error occurs when trying business fortune 3rd time.

- [Forture Teller] Issue where business evaluation 2nd result fame marks are ommissed.

- [FX] Issue where effect displays up on insurrance reward.

- [Game Guard] Game will not foce close under caution condition from now on.

- [Guild] Contribution will be acquired through village exploration.

- [Guild] Create message will only be sent to guildmaster when first create guild.

- [Guild] Fixed an issue where the Guild name before the change is displayed after changing the name.

- [Guild] Issue where contribution which were acquired through adventure etc before checking in guild is being ommissed .

- [Harbor] Issue where auto supply are reapeating after discarding supplies that exceed.

- [Item shop] Issue where error occurs when purchase after force close in item shop window.

- [Item Shop] Fixed an issue where the number 1 is incorrectly displayed on the Black Market > Icon

- [Cathedral] Fixed incorrect UI figure of the pray

- [Mail] Issue where unable to check dock's expansion when receiving ship.

- [Mail] Fixed an issue where error occurs when entering sleep mode during mail check

- [Manage Company] Issue where Sponsor Contract > location information is displayed incorrect.

- [Mates] Issue where promotion scene is displayed big when resolution is 110%.

- [Mates] Issue where slacking notice is displayed even if mates are not slacking when loyalty is low.

- [Mission] Issue where combat power icon doesn't appear in mission information.

- [Mission] Issue where weekly task 'Artillery Master' conditions were measured as times.

- [Nation] Issue where unable to input when reenter to information.

- [Others] Issue where certain outfit's appearance from behind are not displayed.

- [Others] Modified Korean consonants or vowels to not be used independently in the company name and the guild name

- [Palace] Issue where error occurs when enter npc palace.

- [Palace] Issue where Tax Permit is not displayed in Constantinople palace.

- [PC] The screen will not be zoom in/out when controlling mouse wheel on chat window.

- [Port] Issue where request list are gone for a moment and appears back when closing menu.

- [Promotion] Issue where error occurs intermittently when promote mate.

- [Promotion] Ussue where complete pop up appears multiple times.

- [Religion] Issue where adventure effect are not applied.

- [Request] Fixed an issue where error occurs after entering 2 turns in End of a Long Curse >Dubo's guard battle.

- [Request] Issue where Alexandria tavern is unavailable during Seville employee request step 2.

- [Request] Issue where energy appears in chronicle which are nont necessary of energy.

- [Request] Issue where quest discovery UI are not displayed in adventure pop-up when accept discovery request.

- [Request] Issue where request 'In Search of the Teacher' are unable to complete.

- [Request] Issue where tavern UI tap disappears after finishing employee's request.

- [Request] Issue where unable to acquire discoveries from A Temple Buried in Sand request

- [Request] Issue where unable to proceed employee Whanganui request step 1.

- [Request] Issue where unable to proceed End of a Long Curse request.

- [Resurrection] Issue where ship type text is displayed incorrect.

- [Royal Order] Issue where combat with French naval is available during Español step 5 royal order Time of the finals.

- [Royal Order] Issue where error occurs when open title information pop up when there is no available royal order.

- [Royal Order] Issue where victory condition is displayed incorrect in España royal order level 4.

- [Sail] Issue where error occurs intermittently when encounter.

- [Sail] Issue where error occurs intermittently when entering port through auto move.

- [Sail] Issue where error occurs intermittently when succeed surrender, negotiate, flee under encounter condition.

- [Sail] Issue where error occurs when karma gained from PVP were expired.

- [Sail] Sailing issue such as collision and getting jammed has been improved.

- [Sailing] Adjusted wrongly marked region list.

- [Sailing] Fixed an issue where UI deviations from surveillance to resolution

- [Sailing] Issue where error occurs after return to auto move after quit combat during auto move.

- [Sailing] Issue where village doesn’t appear in nearby port list.

- [Sailing] Modified Navigation quality.

 ▶ Fixed issue where the travel routes of nearby ports are different during auto sail.

 ▶ Fixed odd route.

- [Sailng] Issue where ice fraction appears abnormally.

- [Settings] Issue where options are being reset when changing service default settings and pc patch.

- [Settings] UI resolution will be saved in start screen.

- [Settings] Users whom approved to view profile can be shown from now on.

- [Ship] Oar will appear in specific information from now on.

- [Shipyard] Fixed a phenomenon in which the number of parts and materials held is displayed differently in Parts Store > Tool Information.

- [Shop] Issue where memoir purchase log isn't displayed when move to memoir purchase tab.

- [Store] Fixed an issue where the description is exposed differently depending on the content during the remaining period when purchasing a memoir

- [Storage] Fixed an issue where the request use button is activated when it is unavailable LV

- [Task] Fixed an issue where exploring the unknown text are marked as 'exploration after land' instead of land exploration.

- [Tavern] Fixed an issue where the error occurs after failing Interview > Encourage.

- [Tavern] Fixed an issue where unable to encourage using red jem.

- [Tavern] Issue where Cheer party > Interview cooldown and price are displayed abnormally.

- [Tavern] Issue where error occurs when cheer party > interview > encourage mate.

- [Tavern] Issue where error occurs when leaving tavern at the time when mate list are refreshed.

- [Tavern] Issue where mate card's close, left and right button doesn't work in Hire.

- [Tavern] Issue where mates are being touched after con+firmming hire > enter building pop up button.

- [Tavern] Issue where recommended mate UI are out of screen according to the resolution.

- [Tavern] Issue where tavern NPC and mates speech bubble size are different.

- [Trade] Issue where error occurs when unable to download market value graph data.

- [Training] Issue where Quick Complete ticket is not being used when clicking multiple times.

- [Translation] Issue where translation of speech bubbles in cut scene are not applied.

- [UI] Issue where changes don't apear to other users when changed company name.

- [UI] Issue where scroll is unavailable and mouse wheel activates camera move when notice number exceeds 9.

- [Union] Issue where scroll shakes intermittently.

- [World Map] Issue where error occurs when select trade goods list after reconnection during port infromation > trade > trade goods.

- [World Map] Issue where port occupied countries are not applied as current occupying country in search function.

- [AOS/IOS] Issue where error occurs intermittently during world map > pinch to zoom (expansion/reduction)

- [AOS/IOS] Issue where error occurs when changed to save energy mode during auto sail.

- [AOS] Issue where access notice pop-up is displayed in Korean.

- [AOS] Issue where notice is unable to correct when guild > input enter twice.

- [IOS] Issue where search function is unable in guild.

■ Balance Adjustment

- [Adventure] Added speed 2x function and removed skip

- [Adventure] Adjusted the balance of exploration rewards in 25 regions

- [Adventure] Adjusted the crew death rate balance during exploration.

- [Adventure] Adjusted Village > Assign Crew.

- [Adventure] EXP will be acquired seperately from discoveries when land exploration.

- [Adventure] Fixed the issue of abnormally high food and water acquired during land exploration

- [Adventure] Increased the probability of water acquisition during land exploration

- [Adventure] Modified to acquire adventure experience when exploring the sea exploration and land exploration.

- [Adventure] Rebalance to increase overall exploration rewards instead of increasing land and village exploration time

 ▶ Increase compensation so that 8th grade shipbuilding materials are available

 ▶ Increase the probability of supply and demand of promotional materials for navigators

- [Adventure] Added shipbuild materials, promotion materials, and training materials and increased probability during land exploration.

- [Effect] The required manual will be changed when acquired mate passive effect.(Job effect will maintain previous condiiton)

 ▶Novice Manual > Intermediate Manual

 ▶Advanced Manual > Premium Manual

- [Auction House] Changed Red Gem fee to 10% > 15%

- [Cabin] Changed to apply maximum LV 20 when effects are stacked

- [Cabin] Revised the omitted cabin's balance contents of LV 4 Sampan, LV 5 Proa

- [Cabin] Initial growth difficulty will be decreased by lowering LV resctriction on cabin modification for under LV5 ship.

- [Capture] Tug ship's stat penalty will be applied.

- [Chronicle] Increased difficulty of combat over LV 25

- [Chronicle] Changed Malacca Pirates to LV 39 -> LV 42 (João Franco 123th Chronicle)

- [Company Name] Adjusted cost for changing name to 100 Blue Gems -> 1,000 Red Gems

- [Command] Admirlal's combat & non-combat command has been rebalanced.It will be lifted sequentially according to the admiral's LV growth.

 ▶ João Franco

→ [Combat] Company Ram Enhancement: Increase entire ally's ram attack% + ram critical hit rate%

→ [Sailing] Fleet Domination: Recover loyalty for entire mates in 1st company, prevent reduction for certain time

→ [Combat] Impregnable: Increase entire ally's Additional Defense%

→ [Sailing] Wary: Naval protection effect

 ▶ Catalina Erantzo's

→ [Combat] Company Melee Enhancement: Increase entire ally's melee attack% + melee critical hit rate%

→ [Sailing] First Aid: Recover injury for entire 1st company, prevent injury for certain time

→ [Combat] Wary: Apply Deadeye Attact effect to ally + Increase damage

→ [Sailing] Survivalist: Immediately replenish water/foods.

 ▶ Ali Vezas

→ [Sailing] Operation: Decrease water/foods cost for certain time.

→ Company Maintenance: Recover entire ally's durability fixed chance%

→ [Trade] Selling Talker: Overcharge when selling trade goods

→ [Combat] Confusion: Increase entire ally's additional evasion chance

 ▶ Otto Baynes

→ [Combat] Company Artillery Enhancement: Increase entire ally's artillery attack% + artillery critical hit rate%

→ [Trade] Expertise: Increase EXP Gain when selling trade goods

→ [Combat] Fatal: Apply entire ally's attack to 100% critical hit + Increase damage

→ [Sailing] Disaster Countermeasures: Relieve entire disaster + Disaster Immunity for certain time

 ▶ Ernst Von Bohr

→ [Sailing] Sail Navigation: Increase fleet speed for a period of time

→ [Combat] Entire Recovery: Recover ally's number of crew fixed chance%

→ [Trade] Expertise: Increase EXP Gain when selling trade goods

→ [Combat] Indomitable: Damage Immunity to entire ally

- [Combat] Decreased Energy consumed for PVP

- [Combat] Additional Attack will be modified when attacking Artillery / Melee.

- [Combat] Adjusted to consume mobility differentially dependingon skill and LV when using skill.

- [Combat] Applied counterattack damage increase effect

- [Combat] Battle experience will be acquired sequetially based on company LV.

- [Combat] Certain enemy NPC's ability will be weakened.

- [Combat] Changed defeat conditions to lose all ally crews.

- [Combat] Due to NPC ship part balance adjustment, difficulty will be adjusted downward.

- [Combat] Durability fixed damage% & Crew fixed injury% will be applied maximum damage per tick.

- [Combat] Expertise effect : Additional Ram Critical Chance > Additional Ram Critical Chance%

- [Combat] Flat Bottom ship tile cost rebalance.

- [Combat] Increased combat reward up to 2 times.

- [Combat] Modified Sail damage ram, key damage ram, flame ram, flooding ram, poisoning ram's attack range.

- [Combat] Poison&Deadly Posion skill will be added.

- [Combat] Poison&Deadly Posion skill will be added.(New Skill)

- [Combat] Decreased combat ability of NPC Company below LV 39

- [Combat] Revised pincer attack damage balance of Artillery and Melee

- [Disaster] Adjusted occurrence chance downward.

- [Disaster] Deployed additional disaster relief tools in large cities in each culture and reduced tool purchase costs approximately 66%

- [Disaster] Temporarily removed Magnetic Field Anomaly.

- [Effect] Issue where Short Rations effect didn't work.

- [Effect] Mates job effect rebalance

* There will be additional notice for details during 08/05(Fri) maintenance.

- [Event] Changed reward of Foundation for Growth

- [Equipment] Issue where the value of some C rank ornament's dueling batting first probability 0.1% were not displayed.

 ▶ Baton, Bragapul, Dula Pouch, Mallet, Ripsaw, Pocket Watch, Amphora, Ruby Ring, Selenitis Earrings, Coral Ring, Sapphire Ring, Garnet Ring, Zümrüt Yüzük, Crystal Ring, Opal Ring, Pearl Ring, Diamond Ring, Amethyst Ring, Alexandrite Ring, Agate Ring, Topaz ring, Black pearl Ring, Torc

- [Expertise] Expertise LV has been adjusted upward overall and effect has been modified (Adjusted about 86% based on Lv10)

 ▶ Expertise LVs will grow faster eventough number of mates are low

 ▶ Adjusted damage of artillery and ram 10 times due to 10 times increase in ship durability.

 ▶ Ram skill expertise effect additional ram critical damage > Additional ram critical damage %

 ▶ Modified all skill to ensure a minimum of 5% critical strike probability

* There will be further details to be added to this notice during 08/05(Fri) maintenance.

- [Fishing] Adjusted judgment difficulty lower.

- [Fishing] Fish species placement balance will be adjusted.

- [Fleet] 5th cabin slot can be used from LV 25 > 20.

- [Fleet] Additional Melee Attack, Additional Melee Defense, Additional Melee Accuracy, Additional Melee Critical Chance will be increased.

- [Fleet] Durability stat will be increased 10times and consumption value will be rebalanced.

- [Gear] Changed ability of Sekban's Turban to Artillery

- [Gear] Revised balance of grade and expertise

- [Immigration] Decreased required Reputation to 30% > 20%

- [Investment] Cost for city development LV is changed to be variable depending on server population

- [Investment] Improved individual rank point reduction to 10% > 5% per session

- [Investment] Improved city development LV reduction to 2% > 1% per session

- [Investment] Increased mayor's salary by 5~10 times by increase in tax profit distribution

- [Item Shop] Changed to acquire ship material of LV 11 ship in Black Market

- [Job] Adjusted mate's job, skill and effect.

* There will be additional notice for details during 08/05(Fri) maintenance.

- [Loyalty] Drastically decreased cost for managing loyalty

- [Injury] Decreased recovery cost by 50% for S, A, B grade mates

- [Religion] Revised balance of effect and cost according to the change in expertise

- [Request] Decreased reward EXP of employee request according to its difficulty

- [Request] Decreased rewards of Fighting Pirates, Perfect Victory, Fishing Quest depending on the difficulty

- [Request] It will appear in accordance with changed Waters LV.

- [Reward] Increased reward of attendance, mail, daily

- [Sailing] Added 2 knots to support beginners when fleet LV15 or below.

- [Sailing] Adjusted to facilitate the progress of the royal order by raising the probability of occurrence of NPC based on user's nation.

- [Sailing] Long-distance trade support

 ▶ Increase in ocean navigation from ocean to ocean when navigating based on ocean currents and winds

 ▶ Lowered condition of fleet LV and seaworthiness for improved Caribbean access

- [Sailing] Mates will not consume water and food from now on.

- [Sailing] Crews will consume 2.5 times more water and food. (Due to supply effect partial increase will be offset)

- [Sailing] Modified NPC appearance rate to ease royal order procedure.

- [Sailing] Modified ship speed increase effect rebalance and maximum speed limit 23 > 27 knots.

- [Ship] Additional 11th Class Ship

 ▶ Added NPCs with Class 11 Ship

 ▶ 5 types of 11 class ships (Esmeralda, Corvette, Roman Galley, Tukham, Warship) can be constructed (and the development of ports to be constructed is also required)

- [Ship] Addition of cabin in LV 11 ship, and changed cost for modifying it

- [Ship] Balance readjustment

- [Ship] Changed ship's life to decrease by 1 every 12 total sailing days

- [Ship] Changed to acquire Golden Small Keel as guaranteed when dismantling Barque, Hansa Cog, Tallette

- [Ship] Increased balance of upgrade

- [Task] Increased Energy required to consume in the monthly task from Company LV 26

- [Trade] Changed rate effect for navigation and its success

- [Part] Sails expertise will be increased.

- [Region] Adjusted to assign regional occupancy scores to only countries occupying ports in the region to calculate rankings

- [Request] Acception LV balance will be adjusted.

- [Request] Fishing request's required sailing days will be increased.

- [Skill] Modified to significantly increase recovery as LV increases.

- [Trade] Adjusted to gradually reduce tariff benefits up to Company LV30

- [Trade] Adjustment of figures of specialty for diversification of trade (Livestock, medicines, sundries, seasonings, foods, wares, ores, luxuries, textiles, dyes)

- [Transaction] Balance Adjustment

 ▶ Change trade placement (add, delete)

 ▶ Change in terms of trade opening

 ▶ Change in the price of trade goods

 ▶ Change in the volume of trade goods sold

 ▶ Change of preferential items by culture

 ▶ Reduction of investment required for lifting trade products near the base and nearby base

■ Contents Change, Addition

- [Admiral Change] Changed admiral category to tap

- [Adventure] Addition of conversation event for a clue when approaching a sailing object

- [Adventure] Addition of Discovery (Chichen Itza, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Stonehenge, Mireuksaji Pagoda, Nan Madol)

- [Adventure] Changed the order of the quest animation in Sea Exploration

- [Adventure] Improved UI of the Discovery List in Land Exploration

- [Adventure] Improved UI when a player is lacking item during Land Exploration

- [Adventure] Modified the name of the place in Land Exploration

- [Adventure] Exploration pop-up will appear when elimination danger occurs while land exploration, village exploration.

- [Adventure] High level location scene will be adjusted when land exploration.

- [Adventure] Land exploration continuous function will be added ,UI will be adjusted and speed up will be added and skip will be removed.

- [Adventure] Land exploration special effect LV mark will be added.

- [Adventure] The discovery already been found when land exploration will be noted 'acquried mark' , discovery which are only be found through request will be noted.

- [Aide] Elimination of aide tap

- [Auction House] Function to save the sorting filter setting on the device is added.

- [Auction House] It is now available to check only registerable items.

- [Bank] Improvement of Saving account's unlock condition

- [Bank] Withdrawal information Improvement

- [Bureau] Added UI of the last week's individual rank reward

- [Cabin] Improvement in auto assignment

 ▶ Addition of check box to assign

 ▶ Addition of cabin effect category

 ▶ Addition of Help for terms in auto assignment pop-up

- [Cabin] It will be unable to assign injured/slacking mate in cabin.

- [Cargo Hold] It is now available to only discard.

- [Cargo Hold] Eliminated description of removal cost in part information

- [Chat] Improvement in entering successive messages

- [Chronicle] Improved the huddle section for beginners

 ▶ João Franco: Removed the first Duel

 ▶ Catalina Erantzo: Added tutorial for auto move in the first sailing

 ▶ Challenge Tutorial: Changed it to HUD after the tutorial

- [Chronicle] Improvement in the achievement reward mark

- [Chronicle] Modified the description from Land Exploration to Landing in Ernst's Bird Doctor request

- [Chronicle] UI Improvements

 ▶ It hides below when there is no condition or content.

 ▶ It marks when Energy is spent.

 ▶ It displays a notice when there is no mate to exclude.

 ▶ It displays a notice when there is no chronicle completed.

 ▶ It is added to checking injury status in a mate condition.

 ▶ Combat power is changed to an icon in a chronicle condition.

 ▶ It is improved to display the combat power separately. (Current/Required)

 ▶ It is improved to display Injured/Slacking in the icon of mate condition.

 ▶ It hides when there is no synopsis to be shown.

 ▶ It hides the proceeding chronicle after completing all of it

 ▶ It displays the title of the current chapter.

 ▶ It displays a 'Switch Admiral' button instead of 'Start/Proceed' when it mismatches with the admiral has been appointed.

 ▶ UI of Mate condition is added.

- [City] Improved to be randomly created in certain area when entering port

- [City] Improvement in buildings' common UI

- [City] Tooltip icon of trade good now shows normally when docking.

- [City] Visualization improvement in language effect of the building

- [Combat] Addition and improvements in AI enemy's condition for action

- [Combat] Addition of row animation of Galley

- [Combat] Delay in duel decreases 7 seconds.

- [Combat] Shortened Meele animation time

- [Combat] Added 2 strong enemies in LV 40, LV 50 (Caribbean, Africa)

 ▶ Unable to redo, Energy required when entering)

- [Combat Result] Growth information will be simplified and reward sphere will be expanded.

- [Combat] Combat conversation will be adjusted.

- [Combat] Effect scene / effect will be added

- [Combat] Intrusion object information display will be adjusted..

- [Combat] Size of Ship Info will be adjusted.

- [Combat] Text will be added when using redo function.

- [Combat] Tool-tip will be added in timeline when Intrusion.

- [Company Overview] Design improvement in tax permit

- [Company Overview] Location information button will be hidden before the sponsor is valid

- [Dialouge] Modified dialogue in Union, Tavern

- [Encyclopedia] Addition of blueprint, UI improvement

- [Encyclopedia] Removed the information of location/acquired time in discovery tooltip

- [Estate] Form in reward for the discovery can be reported is applied normally.

- [Estate] Rank shows normally in the first place.

- [Event] Addition of a red dot in claim button after achieving it

- [Event] Exploration Perks Event will start on 08/05 by 08/18, after Trade Perks Event ends.

- [Expertise] Ability/Stat adjustment in Ramming and Support

- [Fishing] Addition of Cancel Landing button

- [Fishing] Addition of HP description of fishes

- [Fishing] Addition of message display when Cargo Hold is full

- [Fishing] Improved reactivity to judge instantly when pressing the button

- [Fortune Teller] Design Improvement

- [Fortune Teller] UI Improvement

- [Guild] Addition of badge mark

- [Guild] UI improvement, Addition of Contribution Shop function

- [Injury] Addition of badge

- [Item Shop/Shipyard] Modified UI of the part's quantity

- [Item Shop] Added pop-up information when selecting an item to sell

- [Item Shop] Changed Cart UI

- [Item Shop] Changed to show pop-up that replaces tooltip when selecting item in sale

- [Item Shop] Corrected the alignment of the button in verifying purchase pop-up

- [Item Shop] Discount effect of exploration tool is now applied normally.

- [Item Shop] Improvement in sale pop-up

- [Item Shop] Removed round down for the price under 10 Ducat

- [Item Shop] Reposition of filter

- [Mail] Added information about the source of reward when receiving Region Influence Rewards

- [Mail] UI Improvement

- [Market] Addition of season effect explanatory notes

- [Market] Discount/Surcharge effect will be marked separately

- [Market] For the changes in quantity and cost:

 ▶ It will be instructed with NPC dialogue when price, tax, and maximum quantity is changed.

- [Market] If the trade goods are in put in at once status, it is able to check the condition when selecting inactive trade goods.

- [Market] Improved 'Excess(Trade Good)' display in Purchase/Sell cargo hold graph

- [Market] Improved UI to always display the name and information of trade goods

- [Market] Improvement in description and change in tooltips

 ▶ Purchasing cost for trade goods > Language discount

 ▶ Selling cost for trade goods > Language surcharge

 ▶ Trade good discount > Trade good price change

- [Market] Improvement in season icon and quantity

- [Market] Modified the tax information to be more detail

 ▶ Base Tax information will be shown only when the base tax is under 0%.

- [Market] Separated the description of tax information

- [Mate] Removed a verifying pop-up for the exemption of injured/slacking mate when assigning automatically

- [Nation] Changed to arrange diplomacy by ascending order

- [Nation] Improvement in nation information

- [Palace] Improvement in reward UI

- [Part] Ability adjustment in Figurehead's repair and recover

- [Part] Basic Ram is now displayed in UI

- [Part] Upward adjustment in Mast's Scouting Expertise

- [Prologue] Progress Improvement

 ▶ Improved before beginning

 ▶ Added phase to use sailing order

 ▶ Eliminated video in changing character, and opening

- [Request] Added new 5 rare requests in Company LV 15~30

- [Request] Addition of caution when selling/discarding the target tool

- [Request] Changed a quest depending on port's development LV when setting a goal

- [Request] Excluded the black market items from the object of auto move

- [Request] Fixed the auto move to stop starting right after accepting a sudden mission

- [Request] Fixed the issue where the pop-up caution is displayed when clicking condition button in Whanganui Employee request

- [Request] Unlocked some employee requests that completed translation

- [Royal Order] Improved the location of NPC in Español royal order LV 4

- [Sailing] Changed the name of pirate NPC fleet to guess the reward

- [Sailing] Additional reward beside ducat will be paid when NPC surrender under encounter condition.

- [Sailing] Cancel entering port warning pop-up will be added when entering low amity port.

- [Sailing] Encounter UI will be renewaled.

- [Sailing] Injured condition UI will be adjusted.

- [Skirmish] Animation will be adjusted after promoting Master.

- [Skirmish] Calculation logic and reward pay method will be adjusted.

- [Skirmish] Reward batch acquire system will be adjusted.

- [Ship] Function to equip parts automatically/remove all parts is added.

- [Shipyard] Added 'Cabin Effect' in Cabin Info and Modify Cabin

- [Shipyard] Blueprint UI Update

- [Shipyard] Improved multiple selection button for dismantlement

- [Shipyard] Improvement in cabin info

- [Shop] Addition of red-dot in Daily

- [Shop] Addition of remaining time of Memoirs, Changed maintenance period to 180 days.

 ▶ It will be applied retroactively for the players who have already purchased Memoir.

- [Shop] Improvement in usability

- [Shop] Unification of lacking resource button

- [Slacking] Changed to display the information of penalty by UI effect

- [Storage] Changed to display the classification of trade goods and ship's name

- [Storage] Changed UI when discarding an item in gear/item storage

- [Storage] Storage is renewed.

- [Tavern] Added mate's promotion information in the party screen

- [Tavern] Changed toggle button to check box

- [Tavern] Improved the animation of employee friendship LV 4

- [Tavern] Removed Interview > Special Pay

- [Tavern] Usability Improvement

 ▶ UI improvement in Negotiation/Quick Hire

 ▶ UI improvement in Recruitment (Port/Tavern)

 ▶ UI improvement in Party > Interview > Encourage

 ▶ Improvement in NPC dialogue process

 ▶ UI improvement in Sponsor

 ▶ Fixed some UI went beyond the screen depending on the resolution

- [Translation] Renamed disaster prevention and beginner effect

- [Translation] Renamed Turkey to Turkiye and organized terms

- [UI] Added Duel information in Gear

- [UI] Added tooltip information about EXP, Fame, Crew

- [UI] Addition of Cabin Effect in Cabin Info, Modify Cabin, Ship Detail

- [UI] Addition of description when there is no item (Item Shop, Storage, Auction House, Shipyard, Land Exploration)

- [UI] Addition of grade information in item icon

- [UI] Addition of loading screen

- [UI] Addition of the guild name in Company Overview/Company Info

- [UI] Addition of toast message type

- [UI] Admiral Selection Design Improvement

- [UI] Application of fade scroll

- [UI] Application of splash logo

- [UI] Change in the size of the web screen

- [UI] Changed a help pop-up to variable size

- [UI] Changed a sail design to an exclusive icon

- [UI] Changed a speaker of default conversation pop-up to crew member

- [UI] Changed icons of Naval Protection, Company Focus

- [UI] Changed item icons to unlock emblem and pattern

- [UI] Changed to display Event button permanently

- [UI] Energy that a player owns shows at the top of the screen.

- [UI] Improvement a pop-up that movable size is applied

- [UI] Improvement in initial Admiral selection

- [UI] Improvement of gear's default icon

- [UI] Improvement of mate assignment in mission

- [UI] Modification in the font size when acquiring marine object during sailing

- [UI] Overall Performance/Memory Optimization

 ▶ Performance improvement for UI that shows list such as Storage, Mate List, Mate Details, Compare Gear, Encyclopedia, World Map, Auction House, Sleep Mode

- [UI] Quality improvement in the icon of trade goods and skill

- [UI] Replacement of Combat Power in mission info and chronicle to an icon

- [UI] Unification of UI design in currency usage

- [UI] Unification two Aides menu (automatic respond to disasters/combat)

- [UI] United the remaining time displayed in Mail, Skirmish, Exploration, Estate

- [World Map] Fixed the issue where the city, exploration button is selected again even when already selected

- [World Map] Fixed the issue where the newly discovered port is displayed as '???'

- [World Map] Improved the visibility of names based on English

- [World Map] Majority UI Improvement and QoL

- [World Map] Modified the icon of unknown discovery

- [PC] It is now available to surrender by ESC during combat.

- [PC] When pressing ESC, it is now available to assign the cursor automatically to cancel button

- [FX] Addition of emoticon in Exploration animation

- [FX] Addition of row FX

- [FX] Improvement in ship's wave effect

- [FX] Improvement/Addition of effects in Combat, Disaster, Ship.

- [FX] Animation of Retrospectation and Time Travel will be separated.

- [SE] Addition of log-in sound

- [SE] Addition of Ram's recoil sound effect

- [SE] Addition of sound effect after development LV increase in Bureau

- [SE] Addition of sound in observation and surveillance

- [SE] Addition of sound in sailing wind, anchor, crew decrease, incapable sailing, and bite in fishing

- [SE] Addition/Modification in Combat Effect Activation and Turn Switch Sound Effect

- [SE] Changed not to play Korean voice in the English version

- [SE] Changed to prevent the circumstance where the line and voice are mismatching

- [SE] Depending on the nation, the sound will be divided.

- [SE] Sound improvement in the commencing of combat

Uncharted Waters Origin strives to provide better service.

Thank you.

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