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Trade Experience Error Modification Notice (09/22 00:22 Added)

Uncharted Waters Origin
2022.09.21 Wednesday 18:58


Venture out into the vast oceans!

Hello. This is Uncharted Waters Origin.

As part of this update, the error correction of the trade experience value has been made.

[Patch History Notice]

[Trade] Modification of the phenomenon of the large difference between LV1 and LV2 in the experience of LV growth in trade (09/21 00:40 Added)

We identified that the trade experience value increased abnormally when there is a big difference between the company LV and the mate's trade LV increased,

and it was modified to acquire the experience value normally according to the company LV.

At the beginning of the early access, there was no problem because the company LV and the mate's trade LV were not different or similar,

but when the company is LV high, we were unable to check that the symptoms would occur temporarily until the mate's trade LV grew similar to the fleet LV.

We ask for your understanding of the inconvenience and lack of explanation to those admirals who have recruited and grown new mates.

In addition, we would like to explain about the correlation between the ship's LV experience and the mate's job LV experience.

Originally, Uncharted Waters Origin applied twice as much as the company experience for the rapid growth of the mate's LV.

Since we put emphasis on the experience value of the individual mates, UI shows the experience value based on the mate's experience,

however, the lack of explanation on this part seems to have caused a misunderstanding that only half of the experience value of the company is applied.

This part has been maintained since the initial version of the development that has never been changed, so please refer to the fact that it is not an error.

(09/22 00:22 Added)

Another factor that influences the acquisition of the mate's experience is the cabin.

In Uncharted Waters Origin, the ratio of expertise reflection and the amount of experience acquisition vary depending on which cabin the mates are placed in.

- Captain: Get all occupational experience values as normal as twice the company experience.

- General cabin: The occupational experience value is twice as the deployed cabin type is met with the role,

                           and the remaining occupational experience value is subject to a penalty obtained by the company experience value.

                          This is set to grow according to the role given in the fleet.

ex) Melee Barracks deployed mates

- Battle LV Experience = Company LV Experience 200%

- Adventure LV, Trade LV Experience = Company LV Experience 100%

We sincerely apologize for the confusion caused by the lack of explanation or expression of this part in the game,

and we will improve the display so that it can be clearly recognized.

We will try to reduce inconvenience or confusion by improving by modifying so that it is easier to recognize information within the game or through the guide.

Once again we apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you.

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