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10/26(Wed) Patch Note (11/16 18:00 edited)

Uncharted Waters Origin
2022.10.25 Tuesday 19:05 (UTC + 9)


Venture out into the vast oceans!

Hello Admirals.

This is Uncharted Waters Origin.

We would like to inform Admirals as below of the 10/26(Wed) maintenance patch note.

※ Please note that all the screenshots were taken in a test server, and they might differ from the contents updated.

[Admiral] Miranda Verte will be added.

■ Major Mates Gaining (10/25 20:16 added)

* Tinocatl can be recruited after finishing Chronicle.

■ Chronicle & Memoir (10/25 20:16 added)

* Required condition for Chronicle : Company LV 55, Seaworthiness 100, Momentum 60, Ice Breaking 40

[Basic Chronicle Reward]





Miranda Verte Contract



Tonio Rossi Contract



Miranda Verte Contract



Tonio Rossi Contract



Cachuapa Contract



Cachuapa Contract



De Sperwer



Blue Gem



Intermediate Artillery Manual



Intermediate Trade Manual



Intermediate Sales Manual



Silver Astrolabe



Middle Adventure Appointment



Middle Trade Appointment



Middle Combat Appointment



Admiral Unique Costume


[Reward After Purchasing Memoir]





Beech Wood


Beech Wooden Mast


Enhanced Medium Gun Port



Alder Board



Spear Ram



Enhanced Keychain Anchor



C Grade Common Contract



B Grade Common Contract



A Grade Common Contract



S Grade Common Contract



Intermediate Supply Manual


Intermediate Scouting Manual


Intermediate Nature Manual



Intermediate Purchasing Manual


Intermediate Sales Manual


Intermediate Negotiation Manual



Intermediate Artillery Manual


Intermediate Melee Manual


Intermediate Ramming Manual



Intermediate Aesthetics Manual


Intermediate Trade Manual


Intermediate Support Manual



C Grade Common Contract



B Grade Common Contract



A Grade Common Contract



S Grade Common Contract


Admiral Weapon


[Ship] 5 new grade 13 ships will be added. (11/16 18:00 edited)

[Mate] 8 new mates will be added.

⚓️Contents Added & Changes                

[Combat] Improved ally and enemy to work in different AI by separating AI of automatic and enemy

[Combat] Halloween Pirates for a limited period will be added.

[Combat] LV 20 Strong Enemy Antonio Pintado will be added.

 - You can find it near West Africa.

 - Strong enemy is created in the specified area every hour.

[Combat] There will be the 1st update of LV 60 Strong Enemy Ghost Ship.(10/26 05:33 edited)

 - You can find it near the Atlantic between Europe and America, and the Arabian Sea between the Arabian Peninsular and West India.

 - Strong enemy is created in the specified area every hour.

[Combat] Fast Duel will be added, and it will be able to skip the duel animation.

[Combat] Changed to include the duel challenged by an enemy in achievement completion

[Combat] Improved the usage of the relief tool for a status effect

[Combat] Improved the description of decreased mobility consumption when moving

[Challenge] Company LV 30~40 Challenge will be added.

[Skirmish] Guide for cargo hold setting will be added.

[Sailing] Ghost Ship available for interaction will be added.

[Sailing] Button for combat against other users will be inactivated in safe waters.

[Sailing] LV 45 restriction in the right sea of Veracruz will be removed.

[Sailing] Rowing restriction near Davao will be adjusted from land to far ocean.

[Sailing] Momentum restriction tile in the coast of the East Africa river will be removed.

[Sailing] Notification pop-up will be displayed if an encounter, protection, and disaster occur in full-screen UI.

[Mission] Notice about the condition will be added for a mission unable to proceed with.

[Request] 7 new rare requests will be added.

 - LV 25. The One who knows no Retreat

 - LV 28. Tavern Employees' Slacking

 - LV 29. Delinquent

 - LV 30. The Child's Last Request

 - LV 31. Kidnapped Employee

 - LV 32. Jewelry Collector

 - LV 33. The Unemployment of a Debt-ridden Pirate

[Request] New long-distance request heading for Southwest Asia and Southeast Asia will be added.

[Royal Order] LV 10 Royal Order for 5 European nations will be added.

[Fleet] Improved captain recommendation function in fleet menu

 - Only mates who are not assigned to other ship will be recommended as a captain.

 - Mate with the highest combat LV will be recommended as a captain.

[Fleet] Improved 'Repair' pop-up in fleet menu

 - A button to reset the changes will be added.

 - +/- button will be changed to work depending on the recovery amount per material different by ship size.

[Ship] Minimum crew number category will be added in ship info.

[Ship] Removed ram accuracy, ram evasion, and turning from ship info

[Cabin] A function to unselect all mates in cabin category in ship menu will be added.

 - A function to unselect all the mates will be applied only to the unlocked cabin. They will not be unselected if the cabin is locked.

[Part] Changed the part name of Anchor

 - Old Keychain Anchor -> Enhanced Keychain Anchor

 - Enhanced Keychain Anchor -> Widely used Keychain Anchor

[Shipbuilding] Description of basic stats displayed when attempting shipbuilding will be changed.

 - Changed description from minimum ~ maximum to as following

 - Minimum(+Amount enhanced by blueprint) ~ Maximum

 - Example : If the blueprint is LV 9,

   ▶ Before : 19 ~ 34

   ▶ After : 19(+9) ~ 34

[City] Removed the static blur when entering a port

[Tavern] Bonus function will be added.

 - A function to obtain a contract by "bonus" as guaranteed in Tavern will be added.

 - Bonus category will be added under incentive.

[Tavern] Adjusted to be shown as unavailable when there is no one to party or recruit when visiting Tavern

[Mate] A browse button to move to the location assigned in the crew info will be added.

[Mate] Tool info pop-up will be displayed when touching Gear > Dye Material

[Mate] Improved quality of some portraits

[Gear] Added event grade to the gear equipped to mate and ship part

[Effect] Improved to display + when the figure increases in stats or etc.

[Promotion] Exclusive contract and common contract will be displayed separately.

[Collection] Admiral, mate, ship collection will be added.

[World Map] Taxation set by the mayor will be displayed in Port Info.

[Encyclopedia] Improved to show the undiscovered items

[Guild] Improvement in contribution structure

 - Added contribution related to investment and union request

 - Excluded loot contribution

[Auction House] Changed price arrangement of contract, blueprint to a unit price.

[Shop] Improved a function to check detailed information of the products on sale

 - Removed magnifier icon existing

 - Improved to be able to check it more easily in the product pop-up

 - Improved to be able to check the mission information of privilege

[Shop] Improved to display the product based on Company LV

 - Products useful for lower company LV will not be displayed in higher LV.

[Shop] All the obtainable rewards from Memoirs will be displayed when selecting Memoir product.

[Chat] Improved to keep some chat messages when reaccessing due to temporary disconnection

[UI] Changed the employee displayed on the attendance book

[Event] Changed the attendance reward

[UI] Added achievement category

[UI] Improved guide for shipyard

[UI] Notice will be added when there is no reward earned from land exploration.

[FX] Improved the description of exploration grade

[iOS] Increased the automatic quality setting

[PC] Increased the quality option

[PC] Verification pop-up when attempting to close the game window will be added.

⚓️Balance Changes                

[Sailing] Changed to consume water and food when the remaining sailing day for entering port is under 1 day

[Sailing] Adjusted restriction near Port Pirie : Company LV 55, Momentum 80, Seaworthiness 100

[Sailing] Adjusted restriction near Pinjarra, Hobart : Company LV 55, Seaworthiness 100

[Sailing] Decreased Seaworthiness restriction of Lopburi and Palembang from 80 to 70

[Sailing] Changed the range of Company LV of enemy NPC created, to improve the shipbuilding material reward and to increase obtainable EXP

- Before : Between User's Company LV -6 and LV +0

- After : Between User's Company LV -4 and LV +2

[Trade] Corrected the awkward description of Keris

[Trade] Trade boost will be changed.

 - India : Cow +100%

 - Indochina : Aguayo +30%

 - South America : Ebony +10%, Steel +15%, Rosewood +30%

[Trade] Tapestry will be added as a specialty in the Netherlands.

[Trade] Placement of some trade goods will be changed.

 - San Juan : Removed Emerald, added Logwood

 - Santiago de Cuba : Removed Emerald, added Vanilla

 - Bremen : Removed Tapestry, added Lily of the Valley

 - Nantes : Removed Tapestry, added Silver Plate

 - Den Helder : Removed Brandy, added Tapestry

 - Kuching : Added Oil

 - Las Palmas : Added Goat

 - Edinburgh : Removed Rye, added Coal

[Trade] Open condition for some trade goods will be added.

 - Nantes, Silver Plate : Investment (Newly placed)

 - Bremen, Lily of the Valley : Investment (Newly placed)

 - Santiago de Cuba, Vanilla : Development LV (Newly placed)

 - San Juan, Logwood : Development LV (Newly placed)

[Trade] Trade goods whose value increased, and quantity slightly decreased

 - Pure White Porcelain, Oakmoss, Lily of the Valley, Katana, Tanegashima, Lacquerware, Tapestry

[Trade] Trade goods whose value decreased, and quantity slightly increased

 - Emerald

[Mission] Adjusted sudden missions not to display the impossible condition

[Mission] Added grade 12 shipbuilding material to the task, request rewards

[Request] Drastically decreased the required amount to achieve Trade Proof

[Royal Order] Adjusted downward the balance of Joseon's LV 1~5 Royal Order goal

[Royal Order] Adjusted downward the balance of Japan's LV 1~5 Royal Order goal

[Ship] It will be improved to shipbuilding Fu Ship in India, Southeast Asia.

 - Aceh, Prey Nokor, Kuching, Pegu, Hanoi, Goa, Masulipatnam, Kotte

[Part] Momentum, Ice Breaking stat will be added to some figureheads.

 - Stats will be applied additionally to the figureheads that have already been owned.

 - Depending on the figurehead items, there would be differences in whether the stat is applied and the increment.

[Growth] Improved to obtain EXP up to 99.9% even when the mate's Trade, Adventure, Combat LV up is impossible as it is blocked by promotion

[Reward] Adjusted the reward from combat with over LV 61 NPC to be matching with LV

[Reward] Improved the log in mail reward by time period

[Estate] Increased the maximum point of discovery report

 - Before : 1,000,000 points

 - After : 9,000,000 points

⚓️Bug Fixes               

[Combat] Issue where acceleration is used without gem consumption notice after used free acceleration

[Combat] Issue where some of the effect applied to enemy battleship is not displayed

[Combat] Issue where the damaged load scrolling is unavailable when defeat

[Combat] Issue where the number of overlapping of Aura is increased

[Combat] Issue where Michael maintains auto acceleration when Final Attack Cutscene is off

[Combat] Issue where error occurs when entering the village as soon as game begins

[Combat] Issue where maximum durability of the cabin effect is not applied at the start of the combat

[Combat] Issue where the screen freezes when clicking ESC in the victory screen

[Combat] Issue where the minimum number of crew is not displayed in ship info

[Duel] Issue where the error occurs when clicking the start duel button if the application is reactivated after inactivation

[Skirmish] Issue where the combat power exceed UI when the combat power of the battle list is more than 1 million

[Skirmish] Issue where error occurs intermittently when reconnect in app minimization condition

[Sailing] Issue where ship is displayed enlarged when the ship crosses the sea boundary

[Sailing] Issue where ship is moved to the starting country when collides inaccessible area

[Sailing] Issue where the route from Ancona > Pisa is abnormal when auto move

[Sailing] Items marked with tariffs are temporarily removed due to tariff error

[Disaster] Issue where the disaster notification does not appear intermittently after the disaster is resolved

[Sailing] Auto move restart button will be modified to toggle method

[Sailing] Issue where the error occurs intermittently when the application is switched from inactive status to active

[Sailing] Changed Seaworthiness of all the rivers to be matched with the sea meeting the river's downstream

[Disaster] Removed disaster icon under company name

[Adventure] Issue where the sound effect is unavailable after using acceleration

[Adventure] Issue where some of the rewards obtained by land exploration is not displayed before proceeding

[Fishing] Modified to check the item rating when starting

[Tarde] Issue where the event tag FX does not disappear

[Trade] Livestock trade goods are modified so that they are not rotted by disasters

[Request] Issue where error occurs if skip the request of Riga tavern

[Request] Issue where the portrait is not displayed during conversation with debtor pirate

[Request] Issue where some of request target was different from the actual ones

[Request] Issue where discoveries were not discovered during Misplanted Tree request

[Request] Improved employee Chitrali's request route

[Royal Order] Corrected the description of Ottoman LV 9 from "Move to Marseille with Ducat" to "Move to Marseille Shipyard with Ducat"

[Fleet] Modified the conversation pop-up to be output when learning formation

[Chronicle] Modified the overlap between Catalina Erantzo port tutorial and the building entrance pop-up

[Prologue] Issue where confusion immunity FX is displayed in enemy ship during combat

[Prologue] Issue where pop-up is exposed when proceed prologue

[Prologue] Issue where admiral command Fx is endured intermittently during prologue

[Tavern] Issue where error occurs when updating mates list during the employment tutorial

[Tavern] Issue where error occurs when selecting employee when language conditions are not met

[Tavern] Changed to display the chance by under the decimal point to earn a contract from cheer

[Tavern] Changed not to have a conversation if the friendship with the employee is maximum

[Item Shop] Modified item order as same as tool storage

[Item Shop] Issue where error occurs intermittently when leaving the port after entering

[Item Shop] Fixed black market time verification method (10/26 10:54 edited)

[Item Shop] Issue where the first page of guide is not displayed intermittently

[Market] Issue where UI on the upper side disappears when canceling purchase during attempting to buy if there is no ducat or red gem owned, or the load ratio exceeds

[Market] Issue where the cost of Blue Gem is displayed wrong only on UI if the last time renewed is before the reset

[Bureau] Issue where error occurs intermittently when updating investment rankings

[Bureau] Issue where error occurs intermittently when leaving the port after entering

[Shipyard] Issue where +- is both displayed when the minimum number of crews is decreased due to reinforcement

[Shipbuild] Issue where error occurs intermittently during the construction of special ships

[Modification] Issue where some of the modified capabilities are not displayed on the UI

[Cabin] Issue where combat is not updated in UI when replacing deployed mates

[Parts] Issue where some sail icons are incorrectly applied

[Parts] Issue where Additional Medicine Maximization Chance, Additional Repair Maximization Chance is marked as %

[Equipment] Issue where some equipment had errors in sales, displosal, slot, cache, and registration in market

[Tool] Issue where the grade of blueprints and shipbuilding materials is marked incorrect

[Tool] Changed to unlock the following effects when using Wild Ginseng (except for Seal Action, Seal Tools)

 - Seal Artillery, Seal Melee, Seal Ram, Seal Skill, Seal Repair, Seal Medicine, Seal Movement 

[Mate] Issue where error occurs if the connection is disconnected during increasing intimacy

[Mate] Issue where Paula is aligned behind class C

[Mate] Issue where error occurs when clicking effect icon after changing mates

[Mate] Changed to show information about the promotion required when reaching the maximum LV

[Mate] Issue where the icon of the mate assigned in the captain's cabin is not displayed as inactive

[Order] Temporary restriction on using Admiral Order (Scheduled to be fixed on 11/23)

 - Ali Vezas : Selling Talker, Otto Baynes/Ernst Von Bohr : Expertise

 - Energy spent for using skills will be compensated after further notice.

[Skill] Supplemented the missing description of Decreased Melee Accuracy Effect in Smoke

 - Decreased Artillery and Melee Accuracy


   ▶ Before : [Smoke: Decreased Artillery Accuracy]

   ▶ After : [Smoke: Decreased Artillery and Melee Accuracy]

[Effect] Issue where Hans Staden passive effect is not modified

[Effect] Issue where Additional Medicine Maximization Chance, Additional Repair Maximization Chance are showed wrong as %

[Effect] Corrected the switched effects of Quarreling Relief, Mutiny Relief

[Effect] Issue where Deadly Melee, Deadly Ram are worked wrong as Artillery Critical effect

[National Law] Corrected the wrong name and effect

 - Mission Subsidy -> Support Activity

 - Increase Mission Reward by {0}% -> Increase currency and trade good obtained from combat reward by {0}%

[Collection] Issue where error occurs intermittently when selecting ok while con+firmation pop-up is duplicated

[World Map] Issue where the ship is not leaving when trade event occurs at the start of the voyage

[World Map] Issue where specialty's information is not displayed in port information

[World Map] Issue where error occurs intermittently when entering

[World Map] Issue where the price of trade good is displayed differently from the actual price in the market

[Guild] Added production information to guild contribution guide

[Guild] Issue where purchase pop-up is displayed again after purchasing from contribution store

[Guild] Issue where currency icons are not displayed

[Notification] Issue where the ale+rt pop-up is not exposed when encounter, protection, and disaster occurs

[UI] Issue where active icon is displayed beyond the area at horizontal resolution 1728px or lower

[UI] Issue where game is force closed when Menu > Colleagues > Colleagues Details > Ship Details > Home button was clicked

[UI] Issue where LV is not displayed in user information pop-up window

[UI] Issue where the icon background is different when abandoning items

[Discovery] Replaced 3 discovery illustrations which is modified during a review

 - Venus of Leptis Magna, Aphrodite Sculpture, Snake Goddess

[Translation] Issue where awkward terms and expressions are displayed such as Old Age > Decrepitude

[Sailing] Issue where disaster icon is not clicked after leaving observation state

[Sailing] Issue where error occurs intermittently when creating object

[iOS] Issue where application is closed intermittently after running

[Other] Modified mileage annihilation notice (10/26 10:54 edited)

[Other] Modified stability

Thank you.

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