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Notice of Known Issues(11/28 19:06 edited)

Uncharted Waters Origin
2022.11.28 Monday 17:38 (UTC + 9)


Venture out into the vast oceans!

Hello Admirals.

This is Uncharted Waters Origin.

Please be informed of the known issues below.

⚓Known Issues 

[Chronicle] Issue where the Chronicle does not progress after the Salvador Leis prologue duel

 - It will be able to proceed if restarting the game.

[Placement Setting] Issue where a notice guiding the unavailable assignment due to the mate being injured or slacking is not exposed when assigning them (11/25 18:00 added)

 - The notice function will be added in the December update.

[UI] Issue where Energy shows incorrectly as it decreased in UI on the day after Energy exceeded the maximum (11/24 12:31 added)

 - Energy will be renewed normally if consuming it or reaccessing the game.

[Combat] the phenomenon of the enemy AI excessively clever when combating with friendly AI has been fixed (11/25 23:45 added)

[Ship] Issue where a random stat is given if claiming Hundred Day Ship by mail due to an unavailable circumstance to receive (11/28 17:38 added)

  * Countermeasure for the issue is now under discussion, and there will be a further notice regarding it.

[Market] Issue where the purchasable quantity intermittently is shown differently in UI (11/28 19:06 edited)

[Investment] Issue where the lag occurs during the investment calculation time on Monday at 00:00 (11/28 17:38 added)

⚓Fixed Issues 

※ Following issues had been resolved through emergency maintenance on 11/24(Thu) and 11/25(Fri).

[Black Market] Issue where certain tools require investing in another port

[Injury] Issue where the Minimum Recovery Time is changed by too little (11/23 21:19 edited)

[Duel] Issue where the Attack value of duels from requests is too high (11/23 21:19 edited)

[Combat] High LV NPC difficulty has been lowered (11/23 21:19 edited)

 - The importance of gear in combat has been increased overall, which results in lower Combat Power values than before,

  but players with parts will find that the difficulty is maintained at a similar level.

 - However, we are looking into certain areas that result in large jumps in difficulty,

  and are working to minimize the change in difficulty even in high LV areas.

[UI] Issue where certain text was being displayed incorrectly after setting game language to English (11/23 21:19 edited)

[Order] Issue where the error occurs when the admiral order effect ends (11/25 19:30 added)

[Other] Issue where lag occurs during gameplay (11/25 23:45 edited)

* We are preparing a patch to resolve the above issues,

 and will announce a maintenance schedule in a future notice.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by these issues

and will try our best to resolve them as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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