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Operational Measures Against Store Abuse

Uncharted Waters Origin
2023.04.26 Wednesday 15:07 (UTC + 9)

Enter into the Endless Possibility!

Hello, Admirals.

Due to some users’ continued exploitation of store (AOS/iOS) and Steam payment processes in order to gain unfair advantages,

necessary temporary security measures will automatically be put into place for those who seek refunds.

*Effective Date: After the Apr. 26 (Wed) maintenance

*Affected Accounts: Accounts that have received refunds by abusing store (AOS/iOS) and Steam payment policies

  - Accounts that have received store refunds before the effective date above will also face automatic, temporary security measures.

  - The temporary security measures will be removed immediately

     if the user repays the same amount as the refund amount after the security measures have been automatically put into place.

  - Please note that we do not take any responsibility for any losses experienced in the game due to these restrictions.

  - All profits gained through system abuse and illegitimate play may be retrieved and deducted.


*If you need a store (AOS/iOS) or Steam refund due to certain circumstances, please submit an inquiry to Support.

  - Admirals who reported directly to Support after receiving a refund through the store (AOS/iOS)

  - Admirals who inevitably got a refund through the store due to the store’s system

How to Submit an Inquiry Regarding Restrictions

*Please note that restrictions will be put into place based on affected refunds.

*Go to ‘Support’ on the right upper side of the FLOOR website

*Send an inquiry to Support’s official email:


Please understand that these measures are not only to prevent individual gain of unfair profit through store abuse,

but to also prevent possible harm to other Admirals.

We will always strive to ensure the reliability of our services, and to make every Admiral’s voyage more enjoyable.

Thank you.

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