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July Update Preview

Uncharted Waters Origin
2023.07.11 Tuesday 14:00 (UTC + 9)


Enter into the Endless Possibility!

Hello, Admirals.

The summer month of July has arrived!

Here is a preview of the updates that will be taking place in July.

Some of the details in this preview may change when the actual update takes place.

We will inform you through another notice if there are any such changes.

The update will take place on Jul. 19 (Wed) (UTC+9).

Please see below for more details.

📢 July Update

Admiral: Chand Bibi will be added to the game and users will be able to play her Chronicle.

- Required level for purchase: Company LV 30

- Requirements for clearing Chronicle: Company LV 50, Seaworthiness 85, Momentum 50, Ice Breaking 40

Mates: 8 new Pioneer Mates will be added.

  1. Adventure: Christopher Columbus
  2. Adventure: Juan Ponce de León
  3. Trade: Diego de Arana
  4. Adventure: Juan de la Cosa
  5. Adventure: Vicente Yáñez Pinzón
  6. Combat: Francisco de Bobadilla
  7. Combat: Diego Alvarez Chanca
  8. Adventure: Luis de Torres

Cities: New city waters will be opened.

  1. Hagåtña: Company LV 70, Seaworthiness 130, Momentum 60
  2. Atuona: Company LV 70, Seaworthiness 130, Momentum 60
  3. Mahina: Company LV 70, Seaworthiness 130, Momentum 60

Assault: The Thomas Tew Assault will be added.

  1. This Assault will take place on a battlefield surrounded by reefs. Thomas Tew uses Ram Attacks that push back his enemies.
  2. Defeat Thomas Tew while also being careful not to leave the battlefield’s central safe area.
  3. The Assault is available from Company LV 55 or higher.

Powerful Opponents: 4 new powerful opponents will be added.

  1. Robert Wilde
  2. Chen Zuyi
  3. Yermak Timofeyevich
  4. Jakob Roggeveen

Company: The max Company LV will be increased to 90.

Ship: The max Ship Build LV will be increased to 16.

Ship: New Grade 16 ships will be added.

  1. Western: Large Frigate 
  2. Western: Golden Hind
  3. Western: Bermuda Sloop
  4. Eastern: Junk
  5. Eastern: Higaki-Kaisen

Ship: You will be able to further expand Ship Building slots after the update.

Ship: A new Ship Disguise system will be added.

  1. You will be able to disguise (change) your Company Flagship’s appearance.
  2. However, you will only be able to disguise them with ships of Blueprint LV 10 or higher.

Dispatch: Dispatch Placement Settings will be added.

  1. A Placement Settings feature exclusive to Dispatches will be added.

Ports: Build Taxes and Dividends will be added.

  1. Shipyard Tax settings will become available.
  2. Build Taxes will be added to Dividends.

Adventure: A new Logbook will be added.

  1. You will be able to view the events that occurred during Sailing, Combat, Trade, Explorations, Chronicles, and Missions.

Combat: A Crime system will be added to Karma.

  1. Karma consists of 2 types, which include Karma for betraying a Home Nation, and Normal Karma.
  2. If a user’s Karma is accumulated, they will receive various penalties, including increases in chances of Disaster and Strikes, and Status being displayed.

⚓ Changes and Improvements

Admirals: The Company LV conditions for purchasing Admirals will be changed.

  1. Pietro Conti: 30 > 25
  2. Salvador Leis: 40 > 25
  3. Anne Bonny: 40 > 35 
  4. Sayyida al Hurra: 45 > 25 
  5. Leon Franco: 45 > 25 
  6. Grace O'Malley: 40 > 25 
  7. Chand Bibi: 50 > 30 

Mates: The cost for learning effects will be changed.

  1. The difference in cost for those who have previously paid the fees for learning will be refunded.

Assault: The Company LV needed for Assaults will be lowered.

  1. Edward Teach: 45 > 40 
  2. Cuauhtémoc: 55 > 50 

Trade: The standard amount of Trade Goods for cities with high Seaworthiness areas and cities with few cities nearby will be increased.

Trade: Trade Goods exclusive to Admirals will be increased.

  1. Some Admiral Trade Goods that require various conditions will be changed so that only the Admiral is required.

Ship: Shipbuilding times will be renewed.

  1. Shipbuilding times will be reduced.
  2. However, this change will not affect the shipbuilding times for ships that are in the middle of being built before the update.

Rewards: Surprise Gift Event rewards will be improved. (Jul. 19, Wed)

Rewards: Attendance Rewards will be improved. (Aug. 1, Tue)

The update schedule and its details may be subject to change.

There will be more details about the update in our July patch note.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing Uncharted Waters Origin, and as a token of our gratitude, here is a coupon that can be used after the update:

Thank you.

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