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August Update Preview

Uncharted Waters Origin
2023.08.09 Wednesday 11:30 (UTC + 9)


Enter into the Endless Possibility!

Hello, Admirals.

Celebrate the half anniversary of Uncharted Waters Origin’s global launch! 🎉 Check out the exciting preview for our next update below!

Some of the details in this preview may change when the actual update takes place.

We will inform you through a notice if there are any such changes.

The update will take place on Aug. 16 (Wed).

Please see below for more details.

📢 Events

Event: Summer & Half Anniversary Special Attendance 

A Summer 14 Days Attendance event will take place between Aug. 16 (Wed) - Sept. 12 (Tue) (UTC+9).

A Half Anniversary 14 Days Attendance event will take place between Aug. 23 (Wed) - Sept. 15 (Fri) (UTC+9).

Event: Half Anniversary Ship 

The ‘Half Year Ship’ will be given as a half anniversary event reward.

Event: Soda Island to be Added

Soda Island, which was created to celebrate Uncharted Waters Origin’s summer season, will be revealed.

Event: Prize Exchange

A Prize Exchange event that will take place during a specific event period will open.

Obtain prizes by completing requests on Soda Island and then exchange the prizes for items.

Event: Hot Time Buff System

Receive bonus special effects on selected dates and times.

📢 Updates

Admiral: Imai Saki will be added to the game and you will be able to play her Chronicle.

  1. Required level for purchase: Company LV 45
  2. Requirements for clearing Chronicle: Company LV 65, Seaworthiness 120, Momentum 40, Ice Breaking 75

Mates: 8 new Eastern Mates will be added.

  1. Combat: Janggeum
  2. Combat: Tachibana Ginchiyo
  3. Combat: Hu Zongxian
  4. Combat: Todo Takatora
  5. Adventure: Hye Hee
  6. Combat: Gao Guiying
  7. Combat: Chen Lin
  8. Combat: Yim Wingchun

Ships: New Grade 17 ships will be added.

  1. Western: Long Schooner
  2. Western: Neapolitan Galleass
  3. Western: Nordic Galleon
  4. Eastern: Atakebune
  5. Eastern: Full Ship
  6. Special: The Amity

Ships: A Grade 17 Build Succession system will be added.

Use lower grade ships and building materials to build Grade 17 ships through Build Succession.

Ships: A system for building improved ships, exclusive to Monopolizing Guilds, will be added.

  1. Improved ships of Grades 1-17 available
  2. Only Monopolizing Guilds can build the improved ships and normal Grade 1-17 ships will be used as materials
  3. Ships stats will increase by set chance
  4. 1 mate cabin will be added

Investment: Monopolizing Guilds will be added.

The Guilds with the highest investment points in each port will become the Monopolizing Guilds.

Exploration: Stargazing will be added.

A Stargazing mini-game that includes Discoveries and additional rewards as its rewards will be added.

Exploration: An Auto Fishing feature will be added.

Exploration: A system for Fish Species sizes will be added.

Combat: A Real-Time PvP feature will be added.

The game’s asynchronous PvP feature will be changed to synchronous PvP.

Mates: A Wardrobe system will be added.

Change costumes in Wardrobe to change the portraits of your Admirals/mates. 

Cities: New city waters will be opened.

  1. Suva, Whanganui, Samarai

The update schedule and its details may be subject to change.

There will be more details about the update in our August patch note.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing Uncharted Waters Origin, and as a token of our gratitude, here is a coupon that can be used after the update:

We hope you are excited for this half anniversary update!

Thank you.

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