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[Edit] October Update Preview

Uncharted Waters Origin
2023.10.06 Friday 19:00 (UTC + 9)


Enter into the Endless Possibility!

Hello, Admirals.

Here is a preview of the updates that will be taking place in October.

Some of the details in this preview may change when the actual update takes place.

We will inform you through our notices if there are any such changes.

The update will take place on Oct. 11 (Wed).

Please see below for more details.

📢 October Updates

Admirals: Nui Hoku will be added to the game and you will be able to play her Chronicle.

  1. Required level for purchase: Company LV 55 LV 40 . (Edited on Oct. 11)
  2. Requirements for clearing Chronicle: Company LV 70 / Seaworthiness 130 / Momentum 60

Mates: Andrés de Urdaneta will be added.

Ships: Function to cancel during building will be added.

Trade: Trade Goods exclusive to Occupied Limited Areas will be added.

  1. Trade Goods that can be purchased when occupying Limited Areas within countries will be added.
  2. The Trade Goods can be purchased at certain cities within the occupied Limited Areas.

Guilds: Guild management functions will be added.

  1. Guild members' permissions by LV will be displayed.
  2. LV 2 Guild members can kick Guild members of LV 3 or below and accept join requests.

📢 Future Updates

The Barter feature has been moved to the October November update to improve convenience and fix bugs.

Here is a preview of the Barter feature that is currently being developed.

Please note that the following details are still in development, and may be subject to change.

< Barter >

  1. Collections of various Trade Goods can be exchanged into valuable Trade Goods.
  2. Certain Trade Goods can only be exchanged once Village Amity reaches a certain level.
  3. Depending on the village's stock of Trade Goods types, the quantity of goods needed to trade or the quantity of goods that can be received after exchanging will change.
  4. More Trade Goods can be obtained or less Trade Goods could be used to exchange through Negotiation. Negotiation uses Amity.
  5. After Bartering, many conditions may increase or decrease Amity.
  6. There is a limit on the maximum number of goods that can be exchanged in Bartering and the maximum number of exchanges. Amity, Expertise, and Mate Skills can increase these stats.

< Amity Improvement >

  1. An overview will be displayed when entering a village, and rewards can be obtained based on Amity.
  2. The range of Village Amity will increase and all Village Amity will be changed into basic stats when Bartering is updated.
  3. The Village Status of the current village will be displayed. Village Status will last for a day, and there are rare Trade Goods that are unlocked depending on the Village Status.

< World Map - Village Info Change >

  1. Village Status and detailed info regarding Bartering will be added to Village Info.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing Uncharted Waters Origin, and as a token of our gratitude, here is a coupon that can be used after the update:

Thank you.

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