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December Update Preview

Uncharted Waters Origin
2023.12.04 Monday 14:00 (UTC + 9)


Enter into the Endless Possibility!

Hello, Admirals.

Here is a preview of the updates that will be taking place in December.

The December update will take place on Dec. 6 (Wed).

To provide reliable services, the 'Prime Minister system' will be implemented in 3 phases until February 2024.

Please look forward to the Prime Minister system that will be added and see below for more details on the December update.

* Some of the details in this preview may change when the actual update takes place. We will inform you through our notices if there are any such changes.

⚓ December Updates

Admirals: Hong Gildong will be added to the game and you will be able to play his Chronicle.

  1. Required level for purchase: Company LV 45
  2. Required level for clearing Chronicle: Company LV 55, Seaworthiness 150, Momentum 100

Mates: Jeon Woochi will be added.

Nations: The Prime Minister system will be implemented in 3 phases until February 2024.

  1. Prime Minister votes, Pledges, National Budgets, Budget Donations, and Policy systems will be added.
  2. The following functions will be restricted after Dec. 6 (Wed) due to the calculations required for Prime Ministers.
  3. Immigration will be restricted from 23:00 (Sat) - 00:30 (Sun) (UTC+9) on the week a vote is being held.

Vote: Prime Minister votes will be held.

  1. Prime Minister votes will be held once every 2 weeks.
  2. Prime Minister votes will consist of the candidate registration period and the voting period.

1. Candidate Registration

  1. Candidates can be registered from 00:00 (Sun) - 23:30 (Sun), 00:30 (Mon) - 23:59 (Tue) (UTC+9).
  2. City investments may be restricted temporarily to accurately calculate the ballots. More information will be given through another notice.
  3. Mayors can be registered as candidates of their Home Nation.
  4. If a Mayor loses their position due to immigrating or withdrawing their account, they will also lose their candidacy.
  5. When registering a candidate, every ballot you own will be converted to the national budget and donated.
  6. 8 Pledges can be designated when registering a candidate.
  7. Pledges consist of 4 Target Pledges and 4 Effect Pledges and Effect Pledges require Pledge Costs.
  8. Candidates can only be registered once all 8 Pledges are registered.
  9. Pledges can be changed freely during the Candidate Registration Period, but Pledge Costs are needed to change Pledges, and spent Pledge Costs are not refunded.
  10. If a Target Pledge is achieved, all users in a Nation can obtain rewards when the Prime Minister's term ends.
  11. Effect Pledges are applied to all users of a Nation during a Prime Minister's term if the user that registered the Effect Pledge is elected.

2. Voting Period

  1. Voting is held from 00:00 (Wed) - 23:30 (Sat) (UTC+9).
  2. 1 ballot is given for every 500 Total Investment Points owned currently.
  3. Ballots can only be cast for 1 candidate.
  4. Additional ballots are given if the Total Investment Point increases during the voting period. If ballots have been cast for a candidate, the additional ballots are automatically cast for that candidate.
  5. Once the calculation is complete after the voting period is over, small rewards are given to users who voted.
  6. If a user loses their nationality due to immigrating or withdrawing their account during the voting period, the votes that they cast will be invalidated.

3. Election

  1. The user that gets the most votes out of the candidates will be elected. (Does not apply to candidates who receive 0 votes)
  2. When candidates receive the same amount of votes, the user that meets the following criteria will be elected.
  3. The user with the higher Investment Point
  4. When the candidates have the same amount of points, the user that has the higher LV
  5. When the candidates have the same LV, the user that is the Mayor of more cities
  6. When the candidates are the Mayor of the same number of cities, the user that created their ID earlier
  7. The elected user will be inaugurated as Prime Minister from 00:30 (Sun) (UTC+9) once the calculations are complete.
  8. A Prime Minister's term is 14 days.
  9. The elected Prime Minister can obtain Weekly Pay every 7 days of their term.
  10. Prime Ministers who lose their position as Mayor due to immigrating or withdrawing their account during their tenure as Prime Minister, will lose their position as Prime Minister.

Policies: Prime Ministers can implement National Policies.

  1. Prime Ministers can implement National Policies.
  2. There are 4 types of policies in total and each type has 20 levels.
  3. Budget is required to raise the policy level. The budget spent increases the higher the Nation Rank is.
  4. Budget is spent as policy maintenance costs every day to keep the policy level. The maintenance costs spent increase the higher the Nation Rank is.
  5. When there are insufficient maintenance costs, the policy level decreases from the highest level until the costs can be paid.
  6. Policies are reset to LV 1 every time a Prime Minister takes office.
  7. When a Prime Minister loses their position mid-term, policy levels decrease by 2 before being applied.

※ Later, additional budget will be available to obtain from Nation content such as national missions, Government Posts, and Donation Rankings, and this may cause the amount of budget spent for policies to change.

Budget: National Budget will be added.

  1. Budget is required to raise policy stages and to maintain the stages.
  2. National budget can be obtained through the following routes.
  3. Donating budget
  4. Users in a nation can donate Ducats and increase the budget.
  5. If there are a small number of total users in the server when the Ducats are converted to budget, the Ducats are converted into more budget.
  6. Donations can be made from 00:30 - 23:30 (UTC+9) every day.
  7. 5% of a Nation's total capital, territory, and ally port taxes will be converted to budget.
  8. The budget conversion rate may change according to future data.

Combat: A Repel system will be added.

  1. Repel can be used against NPCs with low Combat Power.
  2. The number of Repel Support spent changes according to the Limited Area's occupation status.

Ships: A Remote Shipbuilding system will be added.

  1. Products that enable remote shipbuilding and free consignment will be added.
  2. Ships can be built remotely once the shipbuilding requirements of the city are met.

Events: Holiday Season Events will be added.

  1. Holiday Season Events will be available after the Dec. 6 (Wed) maintenance, and details about the events will be announced through a separate notice

The update schedule and its details may be subject to change.

There will be more details about the update in our December patch note.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing Uncharted Waters Origin in December, and as a token of our gratitude, here is a coupon that can be used after the update:

Thank you.