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Jan. 31 Update Preview

Uncharted Waters Origin
2024.01.26 Friday 18:35 (UTC + 9)


Enter into the Endless Possibility!

Hello, Admirals.


Here is a preview of the updates that will be taking place.


The update will take place on Jan. 31 (Wed) 2024.


* Some of the details in this preview may change when the actual update takes place. We will inform you through our notices if there are any such changes.

January Updates

Admirals: Zheng Chenggong will be added to the game and you will be able to play his Chronicle.

  1. Required level for purchase: Company LV 45
  2. Requirements for clearing Chronicle: Company LV 75, Seaworthiness 140, Momentum 80, Ice Breaking 60

Mates: Aredvi will be added.


Ships: Grade 19 Ships will be added.

  1. Western Ship: Adventure Galley
  2. Western Ship: Norske Løve
  3. Western Ship: Bounty
  4. Eastern Ship: San Buenaventura
  5. Eastern Ship: Large Jounseon


Ships: A new Consignment Build system will be added.

  1. Improved ships can be built by paying shipbuilding fees with Blue Gems.
  2. Guilds monopolizing ports can obtain the Guild Currency, Sapphires, as rewards for using the Consignment Build system.


Government Posts: A new Government Post system will be added.

  1. Government Post
  2. Prime Ministers can appoint someone to or dismiss someone from a Government Post position out of the users who applied for the role.
  3. There are 3 departments, the administration, the military, and the foreign ministry. Up to 9 people per department and 27 people in total can be appointed.
  4. Vice Prime Ministers take over certain authorities of the Prime Minister if the Prime Minister is absent during their term.
  5. Only Mayors can be appointed to certain Government Post positions.

  1. Government Post Perks
  2. Exclusive perks are given to users when they're appointed to a Government Post position according to the position's rank. Exclusive functions will be available through various content in the future.
  3. Exclusive Appearances
  4. Appearances exclusive to the Prime Ministers of each nation will be added.
  5. The Appearances will be sent to the Prime Ministers' mail when their terms begin and will be deleted when their terms end.
  6. Weekly Pay Perks
  7. Weekly Pay can be obtained every week from the Weekly Pay Budget, and the Weekly Pay ratio can be directly adjusted by the Prime Minister.
  8. Tax exemption and display perks will be added in the February update.


Assault: Moby Dick will be added.

  1. 'Moby Dick', the giant whale of legends, will be added to Assaults.
  2. Assault Requirements: Complete the request, 'The Giant Whale's Whereabouts' (Available at Seville, Company LV must be at least 40)
  3. Spawn Location: Waters near Manila
  4. Rewards: Parts and Gear that increase Load and enhance abilities related to exploring land


Adventure: Special Explore Land content will be added.

  1. 9 Special Land Explore content will be added.
  2. Unique Discoveries will be added to each region.
  3. This content requires higher Land Explore-related abilities compared to current ones, but more Discoveries and Special Resources can be obtained.


Adventure: Investigation conditions will be added to 6 maritime Discoveries.

  1. Discoveries will be obtainable from Borsippa, Machu Picchu, Paektu Mountain, Ulruru, Balanced Rock, and Abu Simbel Temples due to investigation conditions being added.

The update schedule and its details may be subject to change.

There will be more details about the update in our patch note.


We hope you continue to enjoy playing Uncharted Waters Origin, and as a token of our gratitude, here is a coupon that can be used after the update:


Thank you.

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