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Cloud Minister's Token Event

Uncharted Waters Origin
2024.03.29 Friday 12:00 (UTC + 9)

Enter into the Endless Possibility!

Hello, Admirals.

Events where the item needed to combine Cloud Minister's Parts and Gear, the 'Cloud Minister's Token', can be obtained will take place.

Please check the event period and the details and make sure to obtain the item within the event period!

Please see below for more details.

◆ Cloud Minister's Token Special Gift 🎁

'Cloud Minister's Token x3' will be sent to your mail.

Please obtain the items before they expire because items will only be stored in the mail for a limited amount of time.

Mail Distribution Date

: Mar. 29 (Fri) 18:00 ~  Mar. 31 (Sun) 23:59 (UTC+9)

Mailed Rewards

: Cloud Minister's Token x3

◆ April Monthly Attendance Event

To celebrate collaborating with The War of Genesis, 'Cloud Minister's Token' will be included in the April Monthly Attendance rewards.

Event Period

: Apr. 1 (Mon) 00:00 - Apr. 30 (Tue) 23:59 (UTC+9)

- The items can be obtained through [Perk] > [Monthly Attendance].

◆ Competitive Events

During the period when items related to the Cloud Minister's Token can be combined, 'Cloud Minister's Tokens' can be obtained through Competitive Events.

Details regarding the Competitive Events' date and rewards will be available through a separate event notice.

◆ Cloud Minister's Token Special Attendance Reward

To celebrate the month of May, 'Cloud Minister's Token' will be given at specific times during May.

Check the event date and time and receive the May Special Attendance reward.

Schedule for Obtaining Rewards

: Every Friday, 18:00 - 21:00 (UTC+9)

Event Rewards

: Cloud Minister's Token x1

Event Details

- The rewards can be obtained through the mail after logging into the game during the event times on May. 3 (Fri), May. 10 (Fri), May. 17 (Fri), May. 24 (Fri), and May. 31 (Fri).

- The reward can only be obtained during the 3-hour event time, and it cannot be obtained outside of the event time.

- Please note that the reward mail may arrive in the mail at different times for each Admiral.

Cloud Minister's Tokens can be obtained through many other methods during the period when they can be used for combining.

Events that will take place in the future will be announced through a separate notice.

We will be looking forward to your support and participation!

※ To Note

- Event details may be subject to change.

- Items will be immediately added to your holdings.

- The obtained items can be seen through [Storage] > [Material].

- Sent mail will be deleted after 1 day (24 hours), so please make sure you obtain your rewards before then.

- All rewards given through events cannot be recovered.

- Unclaimed or expired mail cannot be recovered.

Thank you.

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